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Deserving or arousing pity.
  1. 'My heart goes out to Miss F - sorry for your piteous plight which I induced.'
  2. 'Never in my life had I ever heard such a piteous sound.'
  3. 'As the end neared, she lapsed into a semi-consciousness of raving and then piteous wailing.'
  4. 'The piteous 11 per cent conviction rate has to be explained somehow.'
  5. 'She had a hundred years experience when you were still a piteous little child!'
  6. 'Your efforts never fail to leave me laughing at your piteous attempts.'
  7. 'Your piteous tribe has committed more to the eternal life and bliss after death then your life here and now.'
  8. 'Herr Schaal's voice was piteous; he was pleading.'
  9. 'So I'm bent by such grievous tortures, painful to suffer, piteous to behold.'
  10. 'Boromir's attempted martyrdom was a bit self piteous to be sympathetic.'


1. evoking or deserving pity; pathetic: piteous cries for help.

2. Archaic. compassionate.

More examples(as adjective)

"cries can be piteous."

"moanings can be piteous."

"wailings can be piteous."

"wails can be piteous."

"sights can be piteous."

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Middle English: from Old French piteus, from Latin pietas ‘piety, pity’ (see piety).