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A home-made bomb, the components of which are contained in a pipe.
  1. 'And late yesterday, we also found out that the improvised explosive device that this device was actually holding around his neck was in fact, a pipe bomb.'
  2. 'The rifle and the pipe bomb embody a real sense of violence and the artists are making us think about them in different ways.'
  3. 'On the second day, May 4, Helder was stopped 12 miles outside of Albion, Nebraska, where a pipe bomb had been found in a mailbox.'
  4. 'Shortly before the announcement on IRA decommissioning, an eight year old Belfast girl was injured by shrapnel in a pipe bomb explosion.'
  5. 'An improvised explosive device, a pipe bomb, went off and yes, it has, I suppose, marred the reputation of the 1996 Olympics.'
  6. 'The pipe bomb is a lethal weapon and nothing can justify its use.'
  7. 'I've had recently, within the last ten days, a bomb placed - a pipe bomb placed at my house.'
  8. 'Abdul Rahman told reporters the bomb squad had found a metal pipe bomb in the house.'
  9. 'This family were attacked by a pipe bomb last May.'
  10. 'A Jackson County man reported a pipe bomb to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department on Friday - about five months after he found it.'

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1. a small homemade bomb typically contained in a metal pipe.

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"possessions can be pipebomb."

"twos can be pipebomb."

"explosions can be pipebomb."


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