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Relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.
  1. 'the Cambridge Philosophical Society'
  2. 'Do not attribute objective reality or philosophical validity to any of these results, but do try for yourself'
  3. 'Leo saw that the crisis was philosophical in nature and needed the response of Christian philosophy.'
  4. 'The phenomenon of philosophical phenomenology is the being of beings or entities.'
  5. 'The semantic notions are the ones that link a formal system to the philosophical problem of the nature of mathematical truth.'
  6. 'Zeno devoted all his energies to explain and develop the philosophical system of Parmenides.'
  7. 'The use of category theory for logical and philosophical studies is already well underway.'
  8. 'Most read him in terms of the German philosophical tradition or existentialism.'
  9. 'The question of whether science causes harm might seem to be an empirical rather than a philosophical one.'
  10. 'A refutation of their particular scientific or philosophical proof of the existence of God would not have shaken their own faith one iota.'
  11. 'But in the philosophical sense phenomenology is not the letting be seen of entities as they show themselves.'
Having or showing a calm attitude towards disappointments or difficulties.
  1. 'She is absurdly philosophical about it - accepting it as one of God's lessons for her.'
  2. 'Harry is reasonably philosophical about it but Dolly, as usual, puts the blame entirely on me.'
  3. 'He revisits that bitterly disappointing period in his life and is philosophical about what went so wrong.'
  4. 'With the benefit of hindsight, I prefer to be philosophical about my experience.'
  5. 'I don't know what action to take to feel more philosophical about the situation.'
  6. 'His squad is optimistic that things are getting better, or at least philosophical about attitudes taking time to change.'
  7. 'It's probably best to counter the negative effects of this transit with a philosophical attitude, and to try to keep a sense of humour.'
  8. 'He was well aware of his mortality and was extremely philosophical about it.'
  9. 'Two weeks ago doctors told her she was in remission, but Abigail is philosophical about her situation.'
  10. 'Yorkshire coach Wayne Clark is philosophical about the disappointing start and confident that his team will soon turn the corner.'


1. of or relating to philosophy: philosophical studies.

2. versed in or occupied with philosophy.

3. proper to or befitting a philosopher.

4. rationally or sensibly calm, patient, or composed.

5. Rare. of or relating to natural philosophy or physical science.

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"wells can be philosophical about babies."

"views can be philosophical in senses."

"people can be philosophical in ways."

"people can be philosophical in defeats."

"people can be philosophical about wins."

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