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  1. 'Heck, you should even feel free to breastfeed while reading this column, ladies, if your little one is feeling a bit peckish.'
  2. 'And if you get peckish there's a café, which uses organic produce from the farm's garden whenever possible, and a shop which sells organic vegetables, herbs, plants, honey and eggs.'
  3. 'I was feeling distinctly peckish when the stuff was safely loaded in the car, so we strolled back into the store and into the coffee shop.'
  4. 'If you're feeling peckish, quality rather than quantity is the word.'
  5. 'And if you are feeling peckish, they have an excellent nourishing lunch menu with soup, and really fresh sandwiches.'
  6. 'But there's no real mystery: you bought it while peckish.'
  7. 'And you'd better be careful, he might be feeling a bit peckish.'
  8. 'If you are mildly peckish after lunch, it's stupid.'
  9. 'Certainly, I answered, feeling by this point a bit peckish.'
  10. 'Feeling peckish he ordered room service, locking the dog in the bathroom when the waiter arrived.'


1. somewhat hungry: By noon we were feeling a bit peckish.

2. rather irritable: He's always a bit peckish after his nap.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be peckish between meals."

"people can be peckish."

"pigeons can be peckish."

"goers can be peckish."