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Unpleasantly overpowering.
  1. 'A new survey has revealed that overbearing mothers-in-law are to blame for as many as one in five marriage breakdowns.'
  2. 'It claimed that an overbearing and threatening management style was leading to staff stress, inefficiency and ill-health.'
  3. 'One man enters the male-only space to escape a conflicted marriage with his overbearing, combative wife.'
  4. 'My parents aren't the snoopy, overbearing kind that stop by to check on your laundry technique.'
  5. 'Heavy, overbearing guitars clash with feeble pianos, annoying violins, and misplaced horns.'
  6. 'Did they have an overbearing father to live up to?'
  7. 'When you have an inbred arrogance, you are undoubtedly going to appear overbearing and rude.'
  8. 'The dictionary definition of arrogance suggests overbearing behavior based on inappropriate views.'
  9. 'But like many young talents, he fell victim to an overbearing and ambitious parent, intent on living through his son.'
  10. 'The waiters, by the way, were exceptionally helpful without being overbearing, and really seemed to know what to advise.'


1. domineering; dictatorial; haughtily or rudely arrogant.

2. of overwhelming or critical importance.

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"browns can be overbearing on varieties."

"securities can be overbearing."

"styles can be overbearing."

"fathers can be overbearing."

"people can be overbearing."

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