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Having a rounded and slightly elongated outline or shape like that of an egg.
  1. 'It is a large blond cookie of about a foot in length made with olive oil and shaped like an oval leaf.'
  2. 'They provide an abundance of flowers that emit a delicate, spicy scent which contracts nicely with the dark green, oval leaves.'
  3. 'Once formed, blisters are large and tense, with a round or oval shape.'
  4. 'It has oval leaves with a slightly serrated edge.'
  5. 'The soup tureens in that service are of conventional oval shape.'
  6. 'His charcoal eyes were encased in a slightly oval, tanned face.'
  7. 'It cost money to make those holes into oval shapes.'
  8. 'The plant has smooth, shiny, oval leaves and tubular flowers.'
  9. 'There are thumb inserts that you can put into the ball that come in round and oval shapes.'
  10. 'The heads were done first by dabbing a round or oval shape.'


A body, object, or design with an oval shape or outline.
  1. 'The perfect oval of the face is repeated by the line of the necklace and the bodice and the ruffled form of the sleeve.'
  2. 'In addition to square, rectangular, and circular crackers, I managed to find ovals, triangles, hexagons, stars, and even spheres, cubes, and cones.'
  3. 'The House of Prayer is shaped like a squarish oval.'
  4. 'By the 1760s they had acquired lids and the oval gave way to square, octagonal, and hexagonal shapes as the century progressed.'
  5. 'Cross-sections are in the shape of circles, ovals, squares, rectangles, equilateral triangles or regular polygons.'
  6. 'Late-period circles are generally small rings of varying shapes and sizes although ovals predominate.'
  7. 'Variations on the plain oval include round shapes, boxes painted with decorative motifs, and boxes with handles.'
  8. 'We then reviewed how to use ovals for the fish bodies and how to add a tail and fins.'
  9. 'Most kids are drawing perfect ovals while others leave it blank.'
  10. 'As oil became the dominant medium, so the size of the palette increased, varying from batlike shapes to rectangles and ovals, often varying in thickness from tip to handle to improve the balance.'
  11. 'When you're driving ovals at 200 mph, a good sense of balance is inarguably a wonderful thing to possess.'
  12. 'Dale watched for five minutes until it was clear that all the band was going to do was march endlessly around the track oval playing the same song over and over again.'
  13. 'Road courses are the only tracks on which NASCAR would use rain tires, but even the tires used on dry days differ from those used on ovals.'
  14. 'If I stand on a tire, I can see maybe one-tenth of the rest of the oval.'
  15. 'This structure was chosen because it is situated between sporting ovals, where spectators seek to shade themselves.'
  16. 'Since the booths were arranged along the track oval, Marie decided to go through all the booths in a clockwise fashion.'
  17. 'You may have noticed Bundaberg's sporting ovals, cricket pitches and netball courts were unusually vacant yesterday.'
  18. 'Goodyear's durable tires make track position paramount at tight ovals, such as Martinsville.'
  19. 'The principal jogged out of the gym and into the track oval outside.'
  20. 'Sporting ovals are sometimes opened up as an overflow caravan park.'
  21. 'Except they couldn't find a golf course so Bobby took them to the football oval and told them it was a driving range.'
  22. 'The Queenstown oval in western Tasmania is like nothing else in football.'
  23. 'A sign of team strength and unity, following the parade it is strategically placed at the football oval in front of the team enclosure.'


1. having the general form, shape, or outline of an egg; egg-shaped.

2. ellipsoidal or elliptical. noun

3. an object of oval shape.

4. a body or plane figure that is oval in shape or outline.

5. an elliptical field or a field on which an elliptical track is laid out, as for athletic contests.

6. Informal. a football.

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"parasites can be oval in shapes."

"nuclei can be oval with sizes."

"nuclei can be oval with shapes."

"heads can be oval in shapes."

"handles can be oval in shapes."

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Mid 16th century: from French, or modern Latin ovalis, from Latin ovum ‘egg’.