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Relating to or denoting passerine birds of a large division that includes the songbirds.
  1. 'Some oscine families are distinct, but convergent evolution apparently is common and has obscured phylogenetic relationships, making the subdivision of this group based on morphology difficult.'
  2. 'The ability of territorial oscine males to discriminate between songs of neighbors and strangers has received considerable attention, but this phenomenon is virtually unstudied in suboscines.'


An oscine bird.
  1. 'In addition, intrinsic individual variation, including learned cultural differences in oscines, provides the raw material for vocal divergence through drift or selection.'
  2. 'Zeledonia is a nine-primaried oscine that is not closely allied to Basileuterus or to any other genus within the typical parulid clade.'



1. of, belonging to, or pertaining to the suborder Oscines, of the order Passeriformes, comprising the songbirds that have highly developed vocal organs.


2. an oscine bird.


Late 19th century: from Latin oscen, oscin- ‘songbird’ + -ine.