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Characterized by conceited assertiveness and dogmatism.
  1. 'It sticks to the facts, avoids becoming opinionated and doesn't patronise.'
  2. 'The fact is, pundits are the prima donnas of journalism, and they are paid to be opinionated.'
  3. 'Up next, a new study shows that one cable network is far more opinionated than its competitors.'
  4. 'I can't help thinking it must be quite lively in their house with two such opinionated people under one roof.'
  5. 'Why are we all so easily bullied into doing what a small number of opinionated, narrow minded and selfish people wish us to do?'
  6. 'Given how opinionated and dissolute they are, you'd expect sports journalists to be shrewd gamblers.'
  7. 'He is opinionated, irreverent, sometimes bombastic and often contradictory.'
  8. 'She was a loud, rebellious, outspoken and opinionated person who often intimidated her colleagues.'
  9. 'They must beware of becoming dogmatic and opinionated and strive to keep an open mind and their opinions flexible.'
  10. 'Christoper Hunt, with shaved head and goatee, is the humourless, opinionated Serge.'


1. obstinate or conceited with regard to the merit of one's own opinions; conceitedly dogmatic.

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"people can be opinionated to feuds."

"people can be opinionated."

"wits can be opinionated."

"universities can be opinionated."

"soaks can be opinionated."

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Early 17th century: from the (rare) verb opinionate ‘hold the opinion (that’), from opinion.