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Containing oil.
  1. 'It consists of introducing medicated oily substances into the colon to be retained and absorbed by the whole body.'
  2. 'The team is setting a crayfish trap containing oily fish as bait to see what they catch.'
  3. 'The mackerel was fresh, delicate and delicious; the slightly oily nature of the fish being beautifully cut away by the tomato and coriander flavours.'
  4. 'Tuna is an oily dark fish that is full of iron and iodine as well as essential oils, which help keep your hair, skin and nails in great condition.'
  5. 'If oily film or grease covers the duct, wipe clean with a damp cloth.'
  6. 'The oily sebaceous glands in the skin easily get clogged up, and bacteria sets up an inflammation that triggers the immune system to launch a local attack.'
  7. 'Some savoury recipes also use rhubarb, as its tanginess makes it an ideal accompaniment for fatty meats or oily fish.'
  8. 'Many wetlands in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area that were home to spring flowers and migratory water fowl are reportedly now covered by a thick layer of oily scum.'
  9. 'One of the most mouth-watering of their creations is the oily chili sauce that covers the joint's bite-sized dumplings.'
  10. 'At standard temperature and pressure it is a colorless, oily liquid with an unpleasant odor that turns brown due to slow oxidation by air.'
  11. 'an oily rag'
  12. 'His very appearance was a doorway into his soul; oily skin, greasy hair, and even his silks were in tatters.'
  13. 'JOY MELZER from Kansas City, Mo., is looking for a natural treatment for oily hair.'
  14. 'His clean hands held a balled rag like a Kleenex for touching anything oily.'
  15. 'An oily rag, which spontaneously combusted, ignited the complex and burned most of the storage units, including his next door.'
  16. 'Stick to powder blushes as well; cream formulas tend to make oily skin look even greasier.'
  17. 'He wiped his hands on an oily rag, and ran his eye over it one last time.'
  18. 'He opened his eye again, and was not surprised to find what looked like a pile of dirty rags and an oily blanket.'
  19. 'Alcohol - based gels and solutions dry the skin and are better for people with excessively oily skin.'
  20. 'Lifting up a box of screwed up newspaper and oily painting rags, a letter floated out to the ground.'
  21. 'Orange cleaner concentrate (D-Limonene) is used industrially to clean greasy and oily concrete floors.'
  22. 'But it also meant that the surface of the water was perfectly smooth, almost oily in appearance.'
  23. 'It was a calm day in the middle of September, with a heavy fog over the sound, so that the run down from Chatham was cold and dreary, the swells looking oily in the gray light.'
  24. 'In this city, lingering fear takes the form of a roiling, oily fog that covers victim, attacker, and crime.'
  25. 'Its sleek black body was covered with rock hard scales, which gave an oily glow when the sun reflected from them.'
  26. 'Ten minutes later, I'm spat out by the bus on to the town's cobbled High Street, the rain still lashing down, covering the streets and pavements with an oily sheen.'
  27. '‘The only unpleasantness was a slightly oily feeling on your body when you got out of the water,’ he said.'
(of a person or their behaviour) unpleasantly smooth and ingratiating.
  1. 'I ignored Markus and his oily ways and managed a slight smile for Emaleth.'
  2. 'He is an unpleasant oily man, holding a whip in one hand, and a short sword in the other.'
  3. 'I follow the man into the room giving a small smile to the oily man on my way out.'
  4. 'An oily guy in his forties comes up to me and asks, ‘How do you like your diamonds cut - round or square?’'
  5. 'He is oily and evil and pleased that others are dying around him.'
  6. 'I always thought he was an oily politician and I'm glad he's gone.'
  7. '‘Mr. Grayson,’ the oily man replied in that way that declares, ‘you are wasting my time.’'
  8. 'They enlist the them in a scheme to trap the oily lawyer by going through with the sale.'
  9. 'The oily man knew he would get his way, and his smile grew, displaying yellowed teeth.'
  10. 'Picking up the cup of milk with bound hands I kicked the food back at the stringy, oily servant, growling and muttering a warning.'


1. smeared or covered with oil; greasy: an oily road surface.

2. of the nature of, consisting of, or resembling oil.

3. of or relating to oil.

4. full of or containing oil.

5. smooth or unctuous, as in manner or speech: an oily hypocrite. adverb

6. in an oily manner.

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"skins can be oily."

"fish can be oily."

"waters can be oily."

"rags can be oily."

"smokes can be oily."

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