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An artificially made well or shaft in rock from which mineral oil is drawn.
  1. 'Saboteurs blew up an oil well near the northern city, the sixth such attack in the past 10 days.'
  2. 'The world's first successful oil well was discovered in 1858 in Canada.'
  3. 'Compensation for the land developed by the companies goes partly to the local budget and partly to the reindeer herding unit in whose territory the oil well is situated.'
  4. 'In addition, within an oil reservoir and during the life of an oil well, the chemical composition can, and most often does, change.'
  5. 'The person who needed help was confused over how to figure out the ‘pinhole’ position on the equipment that controls how far an oil well's pump goes up and down.'
  6. 'There was a reporter who went directly to the place where a collapsed oil well killed many people.'
  7. 'The first oil well was drilled in 1859 in Pennsylvania.'
  8. 'When Edwin Drake drilled the first oil well in Titusville, Pa., in 1859, he used washtubs for storage.'
  9. 'That comes from his immediate perception of the abysmal distance existing between the oil well and the specific consumer need for a precisely defined ‘standard’ product.'
  10. 'Ferguson had bought the equivalent of an attractive bit of land that happened to be lying on top of an oil well.'

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1. a well that yields or has yielded oil.

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"rigs can be oilwell."

"companies can be oilwell."


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