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Any of a number of seeds from cultivated crops yielding oil, e.g. rape, peanut, or cotton.
  1. 'Approval would allow the genetically modified oilseed to be grown in Britain.'
  2. 'Evidently there isn't enough land in the UK to grow oilseed for bio-fuel even to meet the EU 2020 target and to grow crops to feed people.'
  3. 'This non-invasive technique can be used to measure traits like protein, oil, starch, and moisture content in grain and oilseed.'
  4. 'Yet another genetically-modified crop is in the offing, and this time for controlling aflatoxin levels in groundnut, the country's largest produced oilseed.'
  5. 'Meanwhile, the EU lets oilseed enter the market duty free, but imposes high duties on processed oils from Indonesia and Malaysia.'
  6. 'The company, which has been based in Barlby Road, Selby, for almost 80 years, blames lack of demand for oilseed and a fiercely competitive market.'

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1. any of several seeds, as the castor bean, sesame, or cottonseed, from which an oil is expressed.

More examples(as adjective)

"crops can be oilseed."

"farmers can be oilseed."

"productions can be oilseed."

"cuts can be oilseed."