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  1. 'He even won one at Blackburn, a fact oft forgotten.'
  2. 'Yet the course of true love oft runs at the side to father's hate.'
  3. 'Finally, regardless of who ultimately holds the keys to scientific knowledge, what happens to nature, the oft purported object of science?'
  4. 'It was a touchstone for unity in an oft fractured region.'
  5. 'Those jokes will certainly be oft repeated during the course of the current federal election campaign.'
  6. 'The oft heard phrase in football is that defense wins games.'
  7. 'In this book review he discusses symbiosis in evolution, an oft neglected part of the whole evolutionary story.'
  8. 'Did she consider this a chance to tell her personal side of an oft - reported story?'
  9. 'How oft when men are at the point of death have they been merry!'
  10. 'As is oft said, we are indeed a fortunate lot to live in a city that has such good radio stations.'

(in the UK) Office of Fair Trading.

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    1. often.

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    "litanies can be oft."

    "easings can be oft."


    Old English, of Germanic origin; related to German oft.