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A side shoot or branch on a plant.
  1. 'After a female offshoot is planted it will be five years before there is a commercial crop of 30-40 pounds of dates.'
  2. 'Not a few of the townsfolk, or their ancestors, more likely, have gone so far as to plant offshoots of the fruit-bearing specimens in their own gardens.'
  3. 'commercial offshoots of universities'
  4. 'The encouragement of smuggling was also an offshoot of this co-operation.'
  5. 'The company was an umbrella organisation for a string of offshoots providing doctors and other specialists to any hospital needing to cover staffing gaps.'
  6. 'Stuedemann and his colleagues developed the urine test as an offshoot of their vaccine work.'
  7. 'Certainly there was no shopping centre along with the myriad offshoot of shops that development has spawned.'
  8. 'With fifteen volumes to its name, it hinted that, at the very least, it wasn't the small offshoot of Disco that many have believed before.'
  9. 'The product was developed as an offshoot of the biological warfare programme.'
  10. 'It is an offshoot of an effective Meningitis Hib vaccine introduced in Finland which effectively solved one of the major hurdles - providing long term effectiveness.'
  11. 'Zen practice developed in India as an offshoot of Buddhism.'
  12. 'The luminous mould has been developed by researchers at the commercial offshoot of the school of biological sciences at Edinburgh University.'
  13. 'I accept this penchant may have developed as an offshoot from my dislike of thongs, but it's grown up big and strong into a whole new preference in itself.'

More definitions

1. a branch or lateral shoot from a main stem, as of a plant.

2. anything conceived of as springing or proceeding from a main stock: an offshoot of a discussion.

3. a branch, descendant, or scion of a specific population or family.

More examples(as adjective)

"designs can be offshoots."

"buckytubeses can be offshoots."