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A person who works for a bookmaker by predicting a future event, such as the outcome of a race, and setting the odds for betting on it.
  1. 'Overall, the unders boast a 54 percent advantage, although last year the oddsmakers adjusted to give overs a 74-66 edge.'
  2. 'Why don't the track's oddsmakers say ‘something to 1‘?'
  3. 'The oddsmakers agree that Perry has no shot against the real big boys.'
  4. 'There is clearly a short list of ‘credentialed’ candidates (whatever that means) that all the oddsmakers are looking at.'
  5. 'Vegas oddsmakers already have established a favorite for most-asked question: ‘What's up with Freddie Mitchell's hair?’'
  6. 'You have the option to choose whether the two teams will combine for more or fewer points than the oddsmakers have posted.'
  7. 'Las Vegas oddsmakers have listed the Lakers as a 2-1 shot to never lose a game next season.'
  8. 'The Kings make the Vegas oddsmakers very nervous.'
  9. 'Pundits say Drobac is a long shot at best, but the cash-strapped challenger vows to defy the oddsmakers.'
  10. 'As they say, it doesn't take a smart oddsmaker all day to look at a horseshoe.'

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1. a person who calculates or predicts the outcome of a contest, as in sports or politics, and sets betting odds.

More examples(as adjective)

"spines can be oddsmakers."

"numbers can be oddsmakers."