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Willing to do a service or kindness; helpful.
  1. 'it's very obliging of him'
  2. 'Kevin will best be remembered as an obliging and jocular butcher who ran the family business at 82 Main Street for 65 years.'
  3. 'The enemy is being very obliging by saving them the journey and coming to them now.'
  4. 'I have had my back waxed once before, in an experimental fashion, by an obliging female friend.'
  5. 'Tommie was regarded among all who knew him as a very decent and obliging man.'
  6. 'Gerard was described this week as a lovely, obliging man.'
  7. 'Of course you could borrow one from an obliging neighbour, but they are then in the same precarious position.'
  8. 'They boost their own expenses and expand their empires and then, when they discover that they cannot deliver services, they turn to the obliging taxpayer.'
  9. 'It is staffed by the most amiable and strenuously obliging bunch of cosmopolitan youngsters who appear not to have been corrupted by working in hotel chains.'
  10. 'However, the pleasant and obliging staff willingly produced a jug of hot water.'
  11. 'So, an obliging booking clerk spent ages delving through timetables and suggested she go via Sheffield and Leicester, at a cost of £46.'


1. willing or eager to do favors, offer one's services, etc.; accommodating: The clerk was most obliging.

2. obligating.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be obliging towards others."

"people can be obliging to alls."

"people can be obliging."

"firms can be obliging."

"managements can be obliging."

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