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Able to move quickly; nimble.
  1. 'In the replay the nippy corner forward was once again a vital cog in the Deise machine as they booked their place in their second successive Munster hurling decider against Cork.'
  2. 'Darryl Callaghan found David Cantley and the nippy centre stepped off his right foot, found a gap, and burst into open space.'
  3. 'But the attack will miss the goal poaching capabilities of nippy corner-forward Billy Sheehan.'
  4. 'The nippy Australian was at the heart of Motherwell's best moves.'
  5. 'The nippy, adept forward's haul of six points, which included two superb second-half efforts, played a substantial part in the north Roscommon club's four-points victory.'
  6. 'Then nippy forward Julianne O'Connell struck with a great goal which clinched victory for her team and a place in the final.'
  7. 'Two quick fire points from nippy wing forward Michael Browne Jnr tied the sides in the first five minutes of the second period.'
  8. 'The nippy corner-forward, scorer of his side's first point after 17 seconds, slammed the ball convincingly past St Mary's net-minder Nicky Walsh.'
  9. 'The nippy corner forward was involved in several movements that led to scores.'
  10. 'What they have now is maybe what they did not have traditionally they have very nippy forwards.'
  11. 'the new Saab is very nippy and jolly safe when overtaking'
  12. 'However, on observing the details of the car on the web, I discovered that the nippy little sports car had turned into a monster beast four-wheel drive.'
  13. 'On the road, this proved to be a particularly nippy car about town, pulling off from junctions with a sprightly performance.'
  14. 'The good news was the tram, all 40 metres of it, looked well, performed well and could well live up to its promise to be a modern, efficient, comfortable, nippy form of public transport in a car-strangled city.'
  15. 'We hitch a lift in a Lynx, the sports car of military helicopters: small, agile and nippy.'
  16. 'The 1.2-litre sounded confident when I tested it and was quite nippy around the small lanes.'
  17. 'Around the city and the suburbs, where 30 mph and 40 mph speed limits rule, it is delightfully nippy and full of character.'
  18. 'The Honda has been praised for being nippy and fun, while the Mazda Tribute has been criticised for being noisy and exhibiting a slight tendency to wallow.'
  19. 'The 1.4i and 1.6i 16V both offered spirited performance although I actually preferred the nippy 1.4i which had plenty of torque and power.'
  20. 'That apart, this new Mini scores very impressively and if I were in the market for a car which is nippy in the city, yet very competent on longer country trips, it would top my list.'
  21. 'This made for a unique handling experience - nippy without ever being fast, fun without ever being safe, stiff, rigid, brittle and staunch.'
(of the weather) chilly.
  1. 'I changed back into my normal clothes, and followed him outside into the nippy, early morning air.'
  2. 'Since Friday weather in many parts of the Nilgiris has become nippy on account of the South-West monsoon.'
  3. 'The girl was outside at the time, watching it go down and feeling the air grow colder, nippy at first but soon so cold that it numbed the girl's fingers.'
  4. 'That may sound a bit nippy, but any negative temperature is relative.'
  5. 'On summer nights it's great to sit outside and if it gets a bit nippy they light the gas heaters.'
  6. 'Feeling the swift, nippy morning winds from inland against my scaly hide, I shivered and took a brief glance at the icicles which had formed on the roofs before turning my head back.'
  7. 'My date's chauffeur had to wait for hours on an uncharacteristically nippy September night while we discussed the twin towers disaster.'
  8. 'However, beware of painting outdoors when the weather turns nippy.'
  9. 'Instead, a brisk outing in the briny climate of Leith was called for with a nippy wind whipping up the Forth.'
  10. 'Still, the weather's turning nippy; the nights of sitting outside at lake houses and on porches have ended.'
  11. 'The air was nippy but not overly cold, but she had decided to stay in her car and wait for him.'
(of food) sharp-tasting; tangy.
  1. 'Adding to the flavour are a range of ingredients which include syrupy jaggery to tangy ginger, thin slivers of nippy lemon to long slices of luscious mango, besides assorted grams and pulses in dozens of tasty forms.'


A waitress in any of the restaurants of J. Lyons & Co. Ltd in London from about 1920 to 1950.


    1. chilly or cold: morning air that feels a bit nippy.

    2. sharp or biting; tangy: This cheese has a good, nippy taste.

    3. Chiefly British Informal. nimble; agile.

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