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Relating to the River Nile or to the Nile region of Africa.
  1. 'The nonspecialist reader would hardly realize, for example, that the supposed connection between Cleopatra and the great Nilotic mosaic at Palestrina is a conjecture with which most scholars would disagree.'
  2. 'Within the African clade, a wide-ranging tropical savannah species, B. pfeifferi, and a Nilotic species complex, have both colonized Rift Valley lakes and produced endemic lacustrine forms.'
Denoting or belonging to a family of languages spoken in Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Tanzania. The western group includes Luo and Dinka; the eastern group includes Masai and Turkana.
  1. 'However, some contrary evidence is provided by the failure of the Nilotic language Nuer to become more popular.'
  2. 'Linguists classify Dinka as a major language family in the Nilotic category of African languages.'


1. of or relating to the Nile River or the inhabitants of the Nile region.

2. of or relating to the Nilotic group of languages. noun

3. a group of languages belonging to the Eastern Sudanic branch of Nilo-Saharan, and including Dinka, Luo, Masai, and Nandi.

More examples(as adjective)

"whores can be nilotic."

"feasts can be nilotic."


(Nilotic)Via Latin from Greek Neilōtikos, from Neilos ‘Nile’.