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Happening or done every night.
  1. 'What will probably happen is that enough people will be arrested that the nightly stories of mass riots will stop.'
  2. 'Violence in America has actually been going down while the amount of time devoted to it on the nightly news and the concerns of viewers has been going up dramatically.'
  3. 'I don't know if the nightly conferences help or hurt.'
  4. 'You won't see him on the nightly news, but he's fast becoming the face and symbol of the military's frustration with the news media's coverage of the war.'
  5. 'I never managed to figure out what caste was represented by $500,000 homes and nightly deliveries of doublemelt pizza.'
  6. 'My nightly wallow has become such a ritual that I rarely miss it, regardless of where I am or at what time I get in - and if the water is anything less than piping hot, I'd rather go without.'
  7. 'It's not the nightly ritual that it used to be, say 20, 30 years ago.'
  8. 'Their Chinese opponents were supported by powerful artillery and mortars, and adept in the continual nightly patrolling contest in no-man's land between the lines.'
  9. 'But if this one will be relying on old tactics like secret missions and nightly missile raids, I don't think much will be happening in secret.'
  10. 'Believe it or not, two of RTE's five most popular programmes are the nightly weather reports, while the Nine O'Clock News makes it to the top ten four times a week.'
Happening, done, or existing in the night.
  1. 'In Waterford, this would mean that the basic city daily rate would climb to €5.50 while the nightly rate will stand at €7.'


Every night.
  1. 'The cage biting behaviour is totally new - the first time I'd ever seen him do it was last weekend, now it's happening nightly.'
  2. 'To make the meal more authentic, it is accompanied by live Cajun music nightly.'
  3. 'The performance will commence nightly at 8pm sharp.'
  4. 'The Hobbit runs nightly from January 4-8, plus matinees.'
  5. 'He also employs a troubadour who comes and entertains the peasants nightly in the village square, singing, juggling, and telling stories.'
  6. 'Practically all of the resort's twenty-four pubs provide live music nightly throughout the season.'
  7. 'A recent surge of activity on the previously run down premises has turned what was an eyesore into up-market style bars and a pub that has live entertainment nightly.'
  8. 'Even if it hadn't been, the bulk of the Allies' heavy bombers were still required nightly to pummel the Ruhr corridor, the powerhouse of Germany's manufacturing industry.'
  9. 'The show is a half-an-hour news program broadcast nightly.'
  10. 'The kids on the street are raided nightly by thieves, rejected and despised by their highly conservative society.'


1. coming or occurring each night: his nightly walk to the newsstand.

2. coming, occurring, appearing, or active at night: nightly revels.

3. of, relating to, or characteristic of night: the nightly gloom before a storm. adverb

4. on every night: performances given nightly.

5. at or by night: an animal that is seen nightly.

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