Adjective "Nigh" Definition and Examples




    1. near in space, time, or relation: The time draws nigh.

    2. nearly; almost; (often followed by on or onto): nigh onto twenty years. adjective, nigher, nighest.

    3. near; approaching: Evening is nigh.

    4. short or direct: to take the nighest route.

    5. (of an animal or vehicle) being on the left side: to be astride the nigh horse.

    6. Archaic. parsimonious; stingy. preposition

    7. near. verb (used with or without object)

    8. Archaic. to approach.


    "people can be nigh to swounds."

    "ends can be nigh for brings."

    "ends can be nigh."

    "times can be nigh."

    "testimonies can be nigh."

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