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Particularly good, skilful, or effective.
  1. 'The pre-budget package was a rather nifty piece of electioneering, and helped steal the thunder of the opposition parties.'
  2. 'The lightweight nifty centre forward found himself opposed by a rugged hardtackling centre back who asked no questions.'
  3. 'Ben and Mena are nice people and deserve to be compensated for providing me with this nifty bit of software for free.'
  4. 'Others are no more than a handful of true believers with a nifty website.'
  5. 'So it was a nifty move that the DeLorean Motor Company was opened in Northern Ireland with the help of a big chunk of UK taxpayer's money.'
  6. 'But it does make use of the rather nifty dynamic text replacement routine for the headings and sub-headings on each page.'
  7. 'That kind of nifty footwork might work against Darren Purse in the Premiership, John, but it won't work here.'
  8. 'And then I logged in and did some nifty Internet stuff, including joining the blogs by women webring.'
  9. 'Well, this nifty item lets you track the American popularity of different names over the decades.'
  10. 'It is forcing me to get out and do things I've been putting off, like going to Bennett's Lane on a Sunday for some pretty nifty jazz.'
  11. 'a nifty black shirt'
  12. 'There is a nifty little kitchen range that comes in high-gloss black, which will, I hope, look rather smart.'
  13. 'They rely on their nifty little gadgets and superior technology to win wars.'
  14. 'Also, he has a platform with nifty bullet points, some of which he probably came up with while actually on his meds.'
  15. 'The car's interior is very stylo-mylo, and it has one of those nifty steering wheel controlled stereo systems.'
  16. 'It has everything that makes a spy show great; hot chicks, nifty gadgets, and cliffhanger endings.'
  17. 'Yeah, stand over there and mock me with your nifty frames.'
  18. 'BMW has commissioned some very nifty six-minute film clips for its site, helmed by juicy directorial talent.'
  19. 'TV fans who are planning to go to Japan for their next holiday should put this nifty gadget on their shopping list.'
  20. 'We need lots of nifty graphics to impress the unwashed masses of the gaming press and the coke snorting suits who're paying us to make a game.'
  21. 'A girl like this will definitely be into trying some nifty things.'


1. attractively stylish or smart: a nifty new dress for Easter.

2. very good; fine; excellent: a nifty idea.

3. substantial; sizable: We sold the car for a nifty profit. noun, plural nifties.

4. something nifty, as a clever remark or joke.

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"groups can be nifty."

"stores can be nifty."

"pieces can be nifty."

"wheels can be nifty."

"backhands can be nifty."

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Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.