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A mock title used to refer to a self-important man, especially one in authority.
  1. 'With my resolve well and truly replenished, it was time to start work on his nibs.'
  2. 'If his nibs happens to be a regular patron, increase the aforementioned bowing and scraping a hundredfold.'
  3. 'We were having fun till his nibs walked in and told us to be quiet.'

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1. his/her nibs, Informal: Often Facetious. a person in authority, especially one who is demanding and tyrannical: His nibs wants fresh strawberries in December.

More examples(as adjective)

"years can be nibs."


Early 19th century: of unknown origin; compare with earlier nabs, used similarly with a possessive adjective as in his nabs, on the pattern of references to the aristocracy such as his lordship.