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(of a time) coming immediately after the time of writing or speaking.
  1. 'next week's Cup Final'
  2. 'Proposals on the future of Devizes Hospital will not be published until next June.'
  3. 'Much more is to follow, given that next month will mark the 27th anniversary of the coup.'
  4. 'The first beef dishes are now on the menu, with lamb due to follow next month when in peak condition.'
  5. 'Dairy farmers will get the chance to discuss the future of the sector with leading industry figures next month.'
  6. 'Earlier, the final was put off to the next morning following a spell of thunderstorm.'
  7. 'A fresh bottle was delivered the next morning followed by a batch of three later in the day.'
  8. 'This review is ongoing, and a major study into the future of the four dairy plants is due next March.'
  9. 'I just hope the boys in blue are able to succeed like they want to next Saturday.'
  10. 'She did speak out when she went to the hospital the next morning and went to the police.'
  11. 'All four will learn their fate later next Thursday following a trial at Bradford Crown Court.'
  12. postpositive 'on Monday next'
  13. 'Apple's next event is scheduled for March 6th, next Thursday.'
  14. 'next time I'll bring a hat'
  15. 'The next surprise was the identity of the voice on the end of the phone.'
  16. 'Each councillor was asked to bring five specific questions to the next meeting in November.'
  17. 'Otherwise, he recommended booking a telephone kiosk for the next party conference.'
  18. 'We'll come back again soon, but I have to get back to present time so I don't miss the next match!'
  19. 'Suddenly frustrated by this state of affairs I leave drunkenly to head over to the next party.'
  20. 'On the next occasion, he gave the desk as a present to the jury and was awarded the grand prize.'
  21. 'His six deputies will be elected at the next meeting of the national council of the party.'
  22. 'He says that it is a foregone conclusion that Labour will win the next election.'
  23. 'A debate is now raging over the contents of the manifesto for the next election.'
  24. 'It was difficult for me to forget what had happened and I was always on edge waiting for the next incident.'
Coming immediately after the present one in order, rank, or space.
  1. 'the next chapter'
  2. 'The next chapter in Zorn's musical biography is also one of the most surprising.'
  3. 'As we laid our flower and moved away to make space for the next person, tears welled up in most of us.'
  4. 'Leon has his place in the next room, but I still miss Jewel being here so badly.'
  5. 'The motion is the next motion on the Order Paper, which is to set up the committee.'
  6. 'There should be open cavities at either end to allow room for the next person's thoughts.'
  7. 'The first stack to be drawn from is the next stack in the order in which stacks were taken for the deal.'
  8. 'The next issue is the order to make in relation to the issue of infringement.'
  9. 'I think there is a need for the next bill on the Order Paper to receive its first reading.'
  10. 'Be sure to call to St Ita's Hall next Friday to place your order for the next batch.'
  11. 'That, he says, is simply to avoid offending his hardworking colleagues in the next room.'


On the first or soonest occasion after the present; immediately afterwards.
  1. 'next, I heard the sound of voices'
  2. 'It's at this point where recollections of what happened next start to differ.'
  3. 'They'll be having us walk down to the canal with pots on our heads next.'
  4. 'When they sent him a letter explaining what to do next it was in Welsh.'
  5. 'The battalion was next engaged in Maltot where the fighting was non stop.'
Following in the specified order.
  1. 'The link to go the the next oldest page of past reports has disappeared.'


The next person or thing.
  1. 'The next to appear was his on-and-off wife, but then she was taken out of the scene, brutally murdered.'
  2. 'The next he heard a bump and saw a propeller flying away from the plane.'
  3. 'One moment this most voracious variety is knee high to your clematis, the next it is tickling your guttering.'


Next to.


    1. 'What I'm trying to eradicate out of the Jamaica team and the West Indies team is people hiding behind people and playing in people's shadow and marvelling in a next one's success.'


    1. immediately following in time, order, importance, etc.: the next day; the next person in line.

    2. nearest or adjacent in place or position: the next room.

    3. nearest in relationship or kinship. adverb

    4. in the place, time, importance, etc., nearest or immediately following: We're going to London next. This is my next oldest daughter.

    5. on the first occasion to follow: when next we meet. preposition

    6. adjacent to; nearest: It's in the closet next the blackboar

    More examples(as adjective)

    "places can be next on lists."

    "people can be next in lines."

    "places can be next in lines."

    "decisions can be next in/at/on dates."

    "places can be next in investments."

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    Old English nēhsta ‘nearest’, superlative of nēah ‘nigh’; compare with Dutch naast and German nächste.


    next in line
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    the next world
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