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A service transmitting the latest news stories via satellite, the Internet, etc.
  1. 'We search Department of Defence film and photo galleries, same for the networks news and newswires.'
  2. 'Then, while I was trawling the newswires for suitable stories to include in the headline-links section of this column, I came across this commentary from Chris Barton over at the Herald.'
  3. 'Nada told the newswire that he had sent about 30 formal requests for Google to remove copyright material before taking legal action.'
  4. 'Vodafone will not appeal the ruling of the Swedish telco regulator, the PTS, that it must stick to the December 2003 deadline of rolling out 3G coverage across the country, newswires report.'
  5. 'You should note that footage from the major networks and newswires can be very expensive for use in a video game, easily over $1, 000 for 30 seconds of footage.'
  6. 'A lengthy Sun presentation briefly popped up on a company web site and was spotted by a trade newswire.'
  7. 'We have over 100 workstations on the network that are all capable of video and audio editing, accessing newswires, etc., plus standard office modules.'
  8. 'A recent review of the newswires netted more than 15 press releases announcing contract awards.'
  9. 'Suggestions that Sony is no longer exclusively dealing with Intel, its traditional CPU partner, emerged earlier this month when a Sony staffer leaked the news to Japanese newswires.'
  10. 'As many as 26 Dow-Jones newswires were available on Reuters services by the end of 1999.'

More definitions

1. a service transmitted especially by teletypewriter and providing late-breaking news stories, stock-market results, or other up-to-the-minute information: We took the story off the newswires.

2. a teletypewriter or other machine by which such information is transmitted or received.

More examples(as adjective)

"reports can be newswire."

"newses can be newswire."

"weeks can be newswire."

"presses can be newswire."