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Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.
  1. 'She's been saying this for a few weeks, not just since the recent news story.'
  2. 'The site will also feature an hour-by-hour weblog of campaign events and news stories.'
  3. 'It would take a long essay to answer this question, but some recent news could provide a hint.'
  4. 'Doctors are already geared up to carry out the major operation within six hours of receiving the vital news.'
  5. 'Sharp swings on world markets were caused by a decidedly mixed batch of recent news.'
  6. 'But just two months before the big day she received the terrific news that a match had been found.'
  7. 'Nokia did receive better news with the continued turnaround in its mobile phone division.'
  8. 'In the life of a migrant, the big news event is not who came in first in the Bass Hill election.'
  9. 'Then he received some startling news from a phone call that all his searching was wasted.'
  10. 'In a related note, this tiny nation has been making the rounds in world news in recent times.'
  11. 'he was back in the news again'
  12. 'The idea is to engage and involve viewers in the news, and to stimulate public debate.'
  13. 'How we, as a society handle complaints of child abuse seems to be constantly in the news.'
  14. 'The coaches are in the news at the moment and it got me thinking about what it is that makes a good coach.'
  15. 'This issue has been in the public domain for quite some time; it has been in the news.'
  16. 'As it happens, there's been a spate of criminal women in the news and other media lately.'
  17. 'It was all in the news and I was just dumbfounded by what I was hearing on the TV.'
  18. 'Let's just list some of the outrageous assertions and omissions in the news today.'
  19. 'The church and its leader have been in the news at times for various reasons.'
  20. 'Most of it seemed familiar, almost all of it is stuff we'd read in news reports and seen in the news but forgotten.'
  21. 'Even journalists cannot enter to publish the news, and the situation there is so bad.'
  22. 'Really, that's news to me.'
  23. 'Chanel became the hottest news in fashion'
  24. 'In any event they are big sums, and like big names, they are always news.E2.0.CO%3B2-K'

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1. a report of a recent event; intelligence; information: His family has had no news of his whereabouts for months.

2. the presentation of a report on recent or new events in a newspaper or other periodical or on radio or television.

3. such reports taken collectively; information reported: There's good news tonight.

4. a person, thing, or event considered as a choice subject for journalistic treatment; newsworthy material.Compare copy (def

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"organizations can be news."

"programmes can be news."

"televisions can be news."

"reporters can be news."

"reports can be news."

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Late Middle English: plural of new, translating Old French noveles or medieval Latin nova ‘new things’.


be good (or bad) news
no news is good news