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A person who has recently arrived in a place.
  1. 'However, as a newcomer to the area, I was disappointed how drab and uninviting the area in front of City Hall is at night.'
  2. 'Living here was fairly laid back and relaxed until July when our newcomer arrived.'
  3. 'Especially good was the latest newcomer to the group Paul Skidmore who played the Baroness with such elegance!'
  4. 'A veteran member of a company will order a gullible newcomer to find the key to the curtain.'
  5. 'Actually, several newcomers had arrived and made the castle their new home.'
  6. 'We must say goodbye to our friends and colleagues and prepare for the newcomers arriving soon.'
  7. 'Though he's just made the move to Australia he isn't a complete newcomer to this side of the world.'
  8. 'As a newcomer to Witham back in the 1950s, she was faced with a town undergoing some major changes.'
  9. 'Falstaff is certainly a newcomer to the area, and dines at the homes of the Pages and the Fords.'
  10. 'As a newcomer to the country, the company's first goal is to find enough models.'
  11. 'a newcomer to federal politics'
  12. 'A large entry is expected, hence we intend to provide a best novices prize for newcomers to the event.'
  13. 'Though this is the group's first CD it is not a newcomer to the parang scene at all.'
  14. 'Imago, a relative newcomer to the league of regional journals, was born at a difficult time.'
  15. 'A newcomer to the field of parapsychology she is constantly playing catch up.'
  16. 'Many of these voters were relative newcomers to the political process.'
  17. 'Compared to these old troopers Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, is a relative newcomer.'
  18. 'David was a relative newcomer to the pub trade, and spent many years working as a chef in a hotel.'
  19. 'If you are a newcomer to jazz then any of Coleman's Atlantic recordings are a good place to start.'
  20. 'So take that for what it is worth, and take my reviews as coming from a relative newcomer.'
  21. 'Nicola is a newcomer to the sport having only started playing golf early this year.'

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1. a person or thing that has recently arrived; new arrival: She is a newcomer to our city. The firm is a newcomer in the field of advertising.

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"races can be newcomer."

"lines can be newcomer."

"ets can be newcomer."

"classes can be newcomer."