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An inexperienced newcomer to a particular activity.
  1. 'Whenever a newbie stumbles by and asks a germane question, the old timers shout him down and tell him to read the FAQ.'
  2. 'Also in terms of scoring, a newbie will not be worth as much in points as a more experienced commander.'
  3. 'With a simple interface, even the newest of computer newbies will have no problems using the intranet.'
  4. 'The whole approach to controls allows the game to be accommodating to newbies while not alienating the old timers.'
  5. 'On Zoetrope I met other writers, both experienced and newbies like myself, whom I could ask for advice about how to write my script.'
  6. 'Everyone using the Internet or a computer was a newbie once.'
  7. 'I am a newbie to Linux and I need all of the input I can get on the fine points of any process.'
  8. 'In this case, looking for a desktop system, I was almost as much of a newbie as my wife was.'
  9. 'I'm a newbie on the computer, and I have a big problem with popup advertisements.'
  10. 'That would seem likely to suggest that anytime someone tries something new - they are a newbie.'

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1. a newcomer or novice, especially an inexperienced user of the Internet or of computers in general.

More examples(as adjective)

"users can be newbies."