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The state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartiality.
  1. 'They are opposed on a lot of grounds, but mainly out of a sense of fear for Bulgarian safety and neutrality.'
  2. 'The claim to moral neutrality, sometimes made by strategists, is another shortcoming identified by critics.'
  3. 'Hitherto the question of neutrality or intervention had been largely theoretical.'
  4. 'They also asked government workers to maintain political neutrality in the upcoming parliamentary votes.'
  5. 'It also reconfirmed its anti-militarism manifest in its tiny regular army and long-standing neutrality.'
  6. 'Japan concluded the Anglo-Japanese Alliance to ensure that London maintained a benevolent neutrality.'
  7. 'Switzerland joined the League of Nations, whose headquarters were in Geneva, but regards membership in the UN as incompatible with its neutrality.'
  8. 'But geographic remoteness alone did not determine America's neutrality.'
  9. 'In every important strike the bourgeois press is forced to drop its spurious neutrality.'
  10. 'The alleged neutrality of the UN is a fiction.'
Absence of decided views, expression, or strong feeling.
  1. 'For the museum, abandoning the neutrality of its public presentation may also mean a symbolic abandonment of objectivity.'
  2. 'In each trial (negative, positive and neutral), the actress used facial expressions and vocal emotional signals while talking about the toy to convey fear, happiness or neutrality.'
The condition of being chemically or electrically neutral.
  1. 'A sodium ion was introduced into the system to reach overall electrical neutrality.'

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1. the state of being neutral.

2. the policy or status of a nation that does not participate in a war between other nations: the continuous neutrality of Switzerland.

3. neutral status, as of a seaport during a war.

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