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A seven-a-side game in which goals are scored by throwing a ball so that it falls through a netted hoop. By contrast with basketball, a player receiving the ball must stand still until they have passed it to another player.
  1. 'A wide range of sports are offered at the school including football, tennis, netball, athletics, gym and swimming.'
  2. 'The Zambia team will compete in several events among them volleyball netball, table tennis and swimming.'
  3. 'New court markings will allow sporty students to play basketball, netball and football indoors.'
  4. 'Emma, who attends Oakwood High School in Chorlton, also plays football, netball and basketball, but has always put squash first.'
  5. 'We are still playing indoor sports like netball, basketball and cricket, but people now seem more content these days to just go to the gym.'
  6. 'Athletes will compete in track and field, volleyball, football, netball and basketball.'
  7. 'Basildon Council offers courses in a range of sports, including football, netball, athletics, cricket, rugby and tennis.'
  8. 'Like with the game we were playing then, it was helping us with throwing and passing, like in a game of basketball or netball.'
  9. 'The number of pupils taking part in other traditional activities such as hockey, football and netball has also fallen in the past decade.'
  10. 'Basketball, netball and volleyball seem to engender less of the problem.'
  11. 'Mitre provided £35,000 worth of footballs, rugby balls, basketballs, netballs and volleyballs in another initiative that saw hundreds of schools across the region benefit.'
  12. 'I run away from netballs, swerve to avoid hockey sticks, grind to a halt in the sack race.'
  13. 'Clinic participants also will have the opportunity to win a netball signed by members of the Sandpipers team.'

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1. Tennis. a ball, on a return shot, that hits the top of the net and drops on the other side of the court, thus remaining in play.

2. British. a game similar to basketball, played with a soccer ball, usually outdoors.

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