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The branch of medicine that deals with the physiology and diseases of the kidneys.
  1. 'General intensive care units, haematology, special care baby units, nephrology, and oncology had the highest incidence in both types of hospitals.'
  2. 'Undoubtedly one of nephrology's most celebrated patients, King was admitted to Guy's Hospital under Dr Bright on October 12, 1825.'
  3. 'An annual gathering, the congress was a mix of plenary lectures, symposiums and lectures on general medical topics related to nephrology.'
  4. 'Dr Kelvin Ho, a specialist in nephrology, says that one-quarter of his patients have been taking Myfortic since its introduction and the results are positive so far.'
  5. 'The board have earmarked neurology for Sligo and nephrology for Letterkenny.'
  6. 'Adding another element to the equation, my two cousins on my mom's side both live in Seattle, Washington, a place with good pediatric nephrology and a reasonable place for my mom to move to.'
  7. 'So it can be very difficult if you're in a branch of medicine - oncology, nephrology - where many patients die.'
  8. 'Dr. Silverberg completed residencies in internal medicine and nephrology at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.'
  9. 'After his return to the United States, Papper did a fellowship with Homer Smith, a founder of modern nephrology, and then, because of his interest in anaesthesiology, worked with Emery A Rovenstine at Bellevue Hospital in New York.'

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1. the branch of medical science that deals with the kidney.

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"companies can be nephrology."