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Relating to or denoting a modified form of liberalism tending to favour free-market capitalism.
  1. 'The constitution is the European bourgeoisie's attempt to put neo-liberal policies at the heart of the EU.'
  2. 'He and his government are pushing through neo-liberal policies every single day.'
  3. 'On the one hand, there is a clearly defined capitalist neo-liberal project.'
  4. 'The overthrow of neo-liberal capitalism involves revolution in a national framework, even if that is not the end of the process.'
  5. 'The most conventional of all contemporary liberalisms is neo-liberal institutionalism.'
  6. 'They are ideologically committed to capitalism in its neo-liberal form.'
  7. 'The Socialist Party government, like the previous right wing one, has unleashed neo-liberal attacks on public sector workers.'
  8. 'It did its best to prevent the workers from waging a militant struggle against the neo-liberal policies of successive governments.'
  9. 'If neo-liberal capitalism enforced by the Pentagon is supposedly paradise on earth, how can you possibly explain why anyone should oppose it?'
  10. 'Given the above, it is both desirable and possible for neo-liberal policies and unfettered capitalism to be resisted and challenged.'


A person with neo-liberal views.
  1. 'In his critique of what he terms predatory globalization, for example, Falk argues that neo-liberals have undermined the social contract between state and society.'
  2. 'But in the absence of criticism by neo-liberals, social democratic governments orient themselves towards the centre or right.'
  3. 'For the neo-liberals, by contrast, the proposition that, when it comes, change originates mainly from the inside of particular countries is strongly supported.'
  4. 'Firstly, because there is a crisis in the reformist parties internationally, people feel that their traditional home has been hijacked by neo-liberals.'
  5. 'For thirty years we've had pushed down our throats that there is no alternative to the all-against-all policies of the neo-liberals; that private is always better than public; and that me is always more important than you.'
  6. 'We are facing an assault on working people by neo-liberals who are attacking our basic rights in every area of life, from birth to death.'
  7. 'In Poland as in other countries right wing social democratic neo-liberals are the greatest enthusiasts for the European Union.'
  8. 'Among some of the organisers and among most people preparing to go to Edinburgh, there is a sense that it is the system that is wrong and that the advisers and the neo-liberals are not to be trusted.'
  9. 'I have watched liberals, neo-liberals, communists, anarchists, Tories, Stalinists and Think Tank contrarians twisting in a green wind, hoisted by their own sustainable petards.'
  10. 'This guarantees that sweat-shops will proliferate; indeed, some neo-liberals welcome them as a ‘necessary stage of development’.'


1. an outgrowth of the U.S. liberal movement, beginning in the late 1960s, that modified somewhat its traditional endorsement of all trade unions and opposition to big business and military buildup.

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