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Necessary; requisite.
  1. 'If the nation resolved to do all these needful things, by the end of 2005 we would not only be ringing in the New Year but ringing out for joy for the whole nation.'
  2. 'I have calls to make, and do not wish to detain you for longer than is needful.'
  3. 'He reports that many Americans, however, tend to see the ‘war on terror’ as needful, legitimate, necessary.'
  4. 'I wonder how many of us develop a kind of addiction to a spiritual feeling, a spiritual infatuation with God, a beautiful thing, a needful thing, but a thing that is not the real point.'
  5. 'I always ask myself who can still read such books, and how needful it is to read them so as not to lose touch.'
  6. 'He hoped he could do this without letting any more information slip to the enemy than was needful.'
  7. 'But if you don't get that primitive, needful howl out of your system you're missing something vital to the human experience.'
  8. 'The department of Archaeological Survey of India was just a call away from the Estate department officials but the latter did not take pains to do what was needful and prudent.'
  9. 'At the end of the section he writes: For one thing is needful: that a human being should attain satisfaction with himself, whether it be by means of this or that poetry or art; only then is a human being at all tolerable to behold.'
  10. 'The roads are also needful for safe delivery of agricultural inputs to the small-scale farmers themselves.'
  11. 'Thus, a secret theft of presidential documents was equated with the public disclosure of needful information.'
  1. 'I'd like to think that Elvis was there for all who were needful, or hard of heart.'
  2. 'The unconvincing swagger of maturity has been the pretend independence of a adolescent: a strained relationship with the parent country: resentful but at the same time needful.'
  3. 'Generous to a fault (and also needful to an extreme), Nouwen never quite found a place to call home except in his final years with the disabled.'
  4. 'My own thinking is that he's not so much in need of a keep fit campaign as he's needful of an outlet for all that energy.'


What is necessary.
  1. 'Finally, to avoid any further embarrassment, Aryan took out his credit card and did the needful.'
  2. 'The tone of the letter suggested that he was more than willing to do the needful.'
  3. 'Even had he the benefit of the scaffolding erected behind Firhill's western end, it is doubtful whether he would have been able to do the needful.'
  4. 'He does the needful by giving the newborn a drop of honey.'
  5. 'The club has already informed Leicester City that it cannot finance its visit; the hosts will have to do the needful.'
  6. 'But with a 16 year experience of holding those scissors and combs, Sandrine was sure that a bit of layering will do the needful.'
  7. 'While many view the death penalty as a harsh and irrevocable step, they also hold that a life sentence would do the needful: it would protect society from the consequences of the criminal's destructive acts.'


1. necessary or required: needful supplies.

2. needy. Idioms

3. the needful, Slang. money, especially immediately available cash: They haven't the needful for a car right now.

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"boundaries can be needful of discussions."

"words can be needful."

"tokens can be needful."

"deaths can be needful."

"boundaries can be needful."

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