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Originally called; born (used in giving a married woman's maiden name after her surname)
  1. 'The death took place recently in Manchester of Mrs. Nan Kingston, née Taylor, formerly of Chatsworth.'
  2. 'Nora, nee Conway, was born in Kilnock, Brickens and emigrated to America in her young years.'
  3. 'Emmeline Pankhurst was born in Manchester, nee Goulden, and married Richard Pankhurst.'
  4. 'The death has taken place in Dublin of Agnes Comer, nee Gallagher formerly of Lakefield.'
  5. 'The death has taken place in England of Margaret Smart, nee McNulty, formerly of Bunacurry.'


1. born (placed after the name of a married woman to introduce her maiden name): Madame de Staël, nee Necker.

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"permissions can be nee."

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"nas can be nee."

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Mid 18th century: French, literally ‘born’, feminine past participle of naître; compare with né.