Adjective "nail-biting" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Causing great anxiety or tension.
  1. 'First the public vote to save one of the three - then it is up to the rest of the students to choose between the remaining two in a nail-biting final vote.'
  2. 'The final quarter was a real nail-biting affair.'
  3. '‘It was clear to our operators at the works that fans dare not leave their seats as the final came to nail-biting climax,’ the spokesman added.'
  4. 'Months of anxious waiting and nail-biting tension came to an end this week for more than 2000 local students who were anxiously awaiting the big occasion.'
  5. 'The climax, with all its moments of high drama and nail-biting tension, is classic adventure story stuff.'
  6. 'If it is good old-fashioned, nail-biting, tension gripped, nerve jangling action you are looking for, then tune in to the weekly Championship episode.'
  7. 'But actual nail-biting tension is something of a lost art among the newest members of Hollywood's hacks.'
  8. 'As they advance through the playoffs, the basketball staff looks forward to a nail-biting final between the two teams.'
  9. 'They had to endure almost constant second half pressure, wasting countless opportunities to ease the nail-biting tension and, quite frankly, inviting trouble.'
  10. 'No jostling for the lead, no mid-race tension, no nail-biting finish.'



1. the act or practice of biting one's fingernails, especially as the result of anxiety or nervousness.

2. Informal. nervousness: The announcement that the trade agreement had been signed ended a week of nail-biting on Wall Street. adjective

3. Informal. causing nervousness: The nail-biting part of the canoe trip was through the stretches of white water.