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(of a sound or voice) quiet and soft.
  1. 'The city was almost inaudible apart from the muted clang of the trams.'
  2. 'He sighs, the short sound close to the beginnings of muted laughter.'
  3. 'If your doorbell is dirty, the ring usually sounds muffled or muted.'
  4. 'I awaken to the sound of muted footsteps across wooden floors.'
  5. '‘I am sorry I have to do this to you,’ he heard her muted voice say tonelessly.'
  6. 'There was always a slight murmur, like the muted buzz of wasps in their nest.'
  7. 'It was dead quiet, except for the muted voices coming from the gymnasium.'
  8. 'The clash echoed around the alley, followed by a muted bang.'
  9. 'He stood there, still and quiet, as if taking in all the muted sounds.'
  10. 'A soft, muted noise at my back made me jump and turn around.'
  11. '‘Scarlet Woman’ steals in with a plangent sax call, muted desert drum and synthesized wind and slowly steals away again.'
  12. 'This stripped-down affair featured singer Kelly Jones on acoustic guitar, accompanied by piano, muted electric guitar and electric bass.'
  13. 'The former is a jazz march parody that layers high-pitched whistling flute over a muted trumpet and slow, rolling drum hits.'
  14. 'Soft-toned trumpets and horns enter, menacing minor-key interchanges leading to high flute and muted trombones at the close.'
  15. 'There is something liberating in the familiar keyboard inflections, earnest handclaps and muted but driving drums.'
  16. 'Elsewhere muted trumpets enter the mix evoking images of the American southwest.'
  17. 'He sings it and throws it away as a party piece, with Wynton growling away on a rather intrusive muted trumpet.'
  18. 'Pasted-in bursts of muted cymbal and guitar are stabbed and splashed against it.'
  19. 'The bassoonist made the piece a thing of beauty, accompanied by the three harps and muted strings.'
  20. 'Quiet strings, piano and muted organ provide the background for the majority of the hushed tracks.'
  21. 'muted anger'
  22. 'Perceptions are muted and muddled, the passions cool, and thoughts drift to the dreary.'
  23. 'The opposition ranged from fierce anger to muted dissent.'
  24. 'But the resistance was weak, the outcry muffled, the outrage muted.'
  25. 'This is more an expression of muted anger.'
  26. 'Here's a corner that I liked because of the muted colours and textures.'
  27. 'The colours are muted so that the chocolates and greens sit perfectly with the faded pink and antique blue.'
  28. 'Downstairs is dominated by a slick bar, muted colours, mismatched furniture and a dark slate floor.'
  29. 'There are bolts of taupe fabric draped on the windows, and the lighting is muted.'
  30. 'With muted lighting and comfy leather sofas it has its discreet corners but it's better to be out in the open for A-list celeb spotting.'
  31. 'Extroverts often prefer red and bright colors, while introverts opt for muted hues, such as blues and violets.'
  32. 'That period of time between dusk and night creates some beautiful shapes and shadows as well as muted colours.'
  33. 'As always I marvelled at the display of texture and muted colour that would humble the most dazzling painter.'
  34. 'He added that the extension had been designed to ensure it was unobtrusive on the skyline, using muted colours and including landscaping.'
  35. 'Her butterfly and figurative prints, with their muted colour palette, have a delicate vintage look.'


1. of low intensity and reduced volume; softened: She spoke in muted tones.

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"shares can be muted with risings."

"shares can be muted with latses."

"shares can be muted on dates."

"responses can be muted for cars."

"reactions can be muted in markets."

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