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Denoting an animal that migrates.
  1. 'Wild Turkeys are not migratory.'
  2. 'They are toxic, bioaccumulative, and able to be transported by the movement of air, water, and migratory species to places far from their original point of release.'
  3. 'For migratory species, such dams can disrupt several stages of the life cycle of the fish.'
  4. 'It is also home to thousands of migratory birds, caribou, and other creatures.'
  5. 'Throughout most of its range the big-horn is a partly migratory beast.'
  6. 'Agriculture professionals applaud the bats, which feed on migratory corn earworm moths (also known as cotton bollworms), America's number-one agricultural pest.'
  7. 'They are also partially migratory, and in the fall they can be seen traveling in flocks of more than a hundred birds.'
  8. 'Four of the 10 island populations are migratory, and therefore I repeated the analysis with these pairs excluded.'
  9. 'The subspecies of Sandhill Crane seen in Washington are migratory.'
  10. 'Northern populations, where water freezes, are strongly migratory.'
  11. 'the migratory route for whale sharks'
  12. 'Climate change is likely to affect the range and migratory patterns of many species, such as this Canada Warbler.'
  13. 'The students will name and identify elephants and herds as well as dissecting droppings to help discover the animal's migratory patterns.'
  14. 'These habitats have been degraded both physically by intensive stock and arable farming, land drainage and migratory barriers, and also by pollution from agriculture and industry.'
  15. 'The northerly bias in the direction of postbreeding movements is counter to the principal migratory vector of avocets during this time period.'
  16. 'Other important factors influencing bird abundances were food availability and events in the migratory and winter periods.'
  17. 'In March and April each year, the rich waters also serve as a way station on the migratory path of bus-sized whale sharks.'
  18. 'In the migratory season, waterfowl of different varieties, thousands of sandpipers and shanks and varieties of ducks flock to this feeding ground.'
  19. 'The spectacular humpbacks, which visit Cook Islands waters each year to breed, are about to resume their migratory journey to the Antarctic.'
  20. 'The birds' weight, length, health, and species are recorded, then they are banded and released for their migratory trips.'
  21. 'The large interindividual variation in migratory activity may be attributed to the migratory strategy of this species.'


1. migrating.

2. periodically migrating: a migratory species; migratory workers.

3. pertaining to a migration: migratory movements of birds.

4. roving; nomadic; wandering.

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"species can be migratory."

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