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The inner tissue (parenchyma) of a leaf, containing many chloroplasts.
  1. 'It was concluded that stomatal conductance is not directly determined by the photosynthetic capacity of guard cells or the leaf mesophyll.'
  2. 'By such thickening, mesophyll surface area per leaf area becomes greater in sun leaves than in shade leaves.'
  3. 'The mesophyll with large vascular bundles resembles an I-beam construction connecting the adaxial and abaxial surfaces.'
  4. 'A single cell culture, based on protoplasts that were isolated from the leaf mesophyll of tobacco, was used.'
  5. 'Messenger RNA was isolated from guard cells and mesophyll tissue as described previously and used as a template for RT-PCR.'
  6. 'Light dependence of zeaxanthin formation in hypocotyl and mesophyll chloroplasts of Arabidopsis seedlings'
  7. 'They are stored in vacuoles of a specialized leaf tissue, the paraveinal mesophyll.'
  8. 'It should be interesting to find out where in the leaf this barrier is built up: gradually along the mesophyll or abruptly between xylem and mesophyll.'
  9. 'They also accumulate throughout the leaf in mesophyll tissue and in trichomes.'
  10. 'In mesophyll cells, chloroplasts are dismantled in an early phase of senescence, while mitochondria remain functional.'

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1. the parenchyma, usually containing chlorophyll, that forms the interior parts of a leaf.

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"functions can be mesophyll."


Mid 19th century: from meso- ‘middle’ + Greek phullon ‘leaf’.