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Relating to or directed towards the middle line of a body.
  1. 'The findings suggest that damage to the right mesial prefrontal cortex causes abnormal hoarding behavior by releasing the primitive hoarding urge from its normal restraints.'
  2. 'It has been postulated that mesial temporal sclerosis may be related to a complicated delivery, febrile convulsions during childhood, and status epilepticus.'
  3. 'This may be due in part to the fact that the most common pathologic finding of temporal lobe resections involve hippocampal or mesial temporal sclerosis and neoplasia.'
  4. 'By rolling the labial margins toward the midline, the mesial end of the upper dentition can be narrowed without bringing the plates out of line.'
  5. 'The teeth are only slightly worn; the dentine is exposed on one mesial cusp on the first right and left permanent molars.'
  6. 'Damage to this area - the right mesial prefrontal cortex - apparently causes the near-universal interest in collecting to escalate out of control by releasing the primitive hoarding urge from its normal restraints.'
  7. 'The mesial and distal surfaces are worn to produce a beveled pattern, which contrasts sharply with the flattened and generally bilobed dentition of pampatheres.'
  8. 'The molars tend to interlock with their mesial and distal neighbors in ways which become more elaborate and precise in later forms.'
  9. 'The tooth plates measure 16 cm from the mesial tip to the distal end.'
  10. 'The most common type is mesial impaction, which means teeth that have grown at an angle facing towards the front of the mouth.'


1. medial.

2. Dentistry. directed toward the sagittal plane or midline of the face, along the dental arch.Compare buccal (def 3), distal (def 2).

More examples(as adjective)

"sclerosises can be mesial."

"areas can be mesial."


Early 19th century: formed irregularly from Greek mesos ‘middle’ + -ial.