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Having the form or appearance of a mesh or network.
  1. in combination 'fine-meshed sieves'
  2. 'The new wings are approached by a rabbit-like warren of meshed walkways, with doors that need unlocking every 100 yards.'
  3. 'The nets used are cumbersome affairs—16 feet of meshed twine slung over a 14-foot pole.'
  4. 'The 530 model has the meshed front panel.'
  5. 'Thousands of kilometers of fine-meshed nets are thrown overboard every year, catching vulnerable deep-sea species such as sharks and orange roughy.'
  6. 'The fish swim through one of the large-meshed outer nets and into the fine-meshed middle net and through the other outer net.'
(of a geometric object) represented by an arrangement of a finite number of geometric components.
  1. 'We have 103 different types of monsters, and that doesn't count variations, like all of the meshed zombies and ghouls.'
  2. 'Figures 6A and 6B are isometric views of several meshed-cylinder features.'
  3. 'These are top views of several meshed four-sided surfaces.'
  4. 'We are creating more meshed services where the seemingly unitary application is really a composite of linked calls across the Internet.'
  5. 'He falls in with wireless activists who are unwiring the entire city with a meshed network built out of junk hardware salvaged from suburban industrial parks.'
  6. 'Switch meshing is the ability to create a redundant, meshed topology between switches, using all port links in the mesh to dynamically load balance traffic.'
  7. 'Built upon on high-performance meshed services, they deliver cloud hosting and virtual machines, as well as dedicated connectivity to organizations throughout the world.'
  8. 'This is a common trait of a meshed network made up of smaller port count switches.'

proper noun


    1. a city in NE Iran: Muslim shrine.

    More examples(as adjective)

    "nets can be meshed."

    "targets can be meshed."

    "necks can be meshed."

    "grilles can be meshed."

    "cages can be meshed."

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