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Material made of a network of wire or thread.
  1. count noun 'finer wire meshes are used for smaller particles'
  2. 'This is not surprising when detainees are held in wire mesh cages measuring 9ft by 8ft and each prisoner is allowed only one hour outside his cell each week.'
  3. 'Curved, patchy sails of silk, canvas and mesh, attached by wire to metal frameworks, project in numerous directions.'
  4. 'Such muscle buildup also occurs with use of a stent - a small wire mesh tube inserted after angioplasty to keep the artery clear.'
  5. 'Activist documents gave detailed instructions on how to cut through the toughest of wire mesh fences.'
  6. 'The 30 ft long wire mesh fence - similar to those used at tennis courts - is a last-ditch attempt to end more than five years of harassment from a gang of youths.'
  7. 'The city turned the light sculpture off and pondered whether to protect the sculpture with some kind of plastic or wire mesh covering.'
  8. 'Valerian turned the wire mesh ball over in her hands as she thought back through her sister's letters.'
  9. 'They have been ordered to fence off the funfair from the hazardous buildings with a two metre high wire mesh fence.'
  10. 'Using wire mesh culverts may be an inexpensive and efficient way to allow water flow through such materials.'
  11. 'The birds got into the roof through air vents, which have now been covered with wire mesh to stop the problem recurring.'
  12. 'We have accepted bigger mesh sizes to allow fish to escape.'
  13. 'When the net is close to the shore the men pull quickly to land the bag of the net, which traps the fish in its 4-inch mesh.'
  14. 'It had a very fine mesh, and only certain students could get through the holes.'
  15. 'you are just common people going about your lives caught in the common mesh of history'
  16. 'The most egregious of these is the tendency, exemplified by Norm and Omar, to abstract a situation from the mesh of geopolitical considerations in which it is embedded and reduce it to a stark moral question.'
  17. 'Her book is a mesh of biography and a wider history of the geisha.'
  18. 'First, it is in setting up such a wonderfully constructed and complex mesh of relationships among the inhabitants of his fictional village, and then never introducing conflict between them.'
An interlaced structure.
  1. 'Through the mesh of the floor the lizard gazed down at the passers-by.'
  2. 'The back was a swirling mesh of bronze pipes, encasing deep red gems in random locations as well.'
  3. 'The first and more predominant structure was a mesh of filaments measuring 10 to 15 nm in diameter, which is typical of amyloid.'
  4. 'Her tree house sank beneath the mesh of tree branches her roof funneled through and if she wished, she mounted a ladder to the top and bathed unsheltered in the sun's radiance.'
  5. 'It is quickly becoming nothing more than a mesh of housing estates and a street lined with discount retailers, takeaways and empty shops.'
  6. 'From my vantage point I had a full view as he entered the room and began constructing a complex mesh of bent wire and mirrors from pieces in a paper bag.'
  7. 'A typical finite element mesh retrieved by the software is shown in Figure 3.'
  8. 'A grid of 101x55 has been used as the finite element mesh for the selected section.'
  9. 'On the face of it, the mesh network could grow instantly.'
  10. 'Through a process called Border Discovery, a mesh network can find more efficient paths to remote resources.'
  11. 'In this model, a customer would pay a subscription to a service provider who would in turn pay the mesh network provider in the area involved.'
  12. 'But a wireless mesh network doesn't have these access barriers.'


(of the teeth of a gearwheel) be engaged with another gearwheel.
  1. 'A pressure release button releases meshed teeth between a lock bar and a stabilizer bar.'
  2. 'But one may fairly wonder if the gears mesh so neatly.'
  3. 'That gear meshes with three planet gears which in turn drive a second sun gear attached to the pinion shaft.'
  4. 'The gears meshed and the result was a very productive week for Mr. Hillier as he started with the first of three paydays on the week.'
  5. 'The damn things weren't meshing properly when the screw was under load.'
  6. with object 'I don't want to get meshed in the weeds'
  7. 'He could almost feel her warmth as he imagined her leaning against his body, her delicate frame meshing with his flawlessly, and his heart beating with hers - in time.'
  8. 'In Harrison's view, it is important for the disadvantaged children to mesh with the ‘regular’ children.'
  9. 'For some reason it doesn't mesh with the rest of the diction and seems strange and inappropriately vulgar.'
  10. 'It's disheartening that the Prime Minister's thoughts don't necessarily mesh with her political reality.'
  11. 'She believes that such a facility would mesh with the Skytrain and promote transit use for those living in outlying areas.'
  12. 'For Woodland, this just doesn't mesh with the way the military handles and disposes radioactive waste.'
  13. 'But government funding methods don't always mesh with real world expectations.'
  14. 'But over the years, one man's cattle raider has become another man's freedom fighter, and the Rob Roy story has been skewed to mesh with the rise of Scottish nationalism.'
  15. 'And it's a real problem when people with diabetes are trying to give insulin that they're trying to mesh with the food.'
  16. 'They also will work with the annual budget so proposals mesh with agency policy objectives and plans.'
  17. 'As one of his central tenets of urbanism seems to be that buildings should meet the street, how does that mesh with pedestrian plazas to fend off vehicular access?'
Represent a geometric object as a set of finite elements.
  1. 'The geometry is meshed with a mapping algorithm or an automatic free-meshing algorithm.'

More definitions

1. any knit, woven, or knotted fabric of open texture.

2. an interwoven or intertwined structure; network.

3. any arrangement of interlocking metal links or wires with evenly spaced, uniform small openings between, as used in jewelry or sieves.

4. one of the open spaces between the cords or ropes of a net.

5. meshes. the threads that bind such spaces. the means of catching or holding fast: to be caught in the meshes of the law.

6. Machinery. the engagement of gear teeth.

7. Elect

More examples(as adjective)

"squares can be mesh in planes."

"squares can be mesh."


Late Middle English: probably from an unrecorded Old English word related to (and perhaps reinforced in Middle English by) Middle Dutch maesche, of Germanic origin.


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