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Of or in the south; southern.
  1. 'Most European pre-Quaternary localities are positioned in a restricted latitudinal band, requiring dense and well-dated temporal and spatial records for meridional patterns to be detected.'
  2. 'she was meridional in temperament'
Relating to a meridian.
  1. 'Between the regions contacting leaf primordia, the peripheral zone cells are curved predominantly in the meridional direction.'
  2. 'The axial intensity distribution was calculated by integrating the region from 0.013 nm - 1 on either side of the meridional axis of the x-ray pattern.'
  3. 'Both regions are muscular, covered with a dense sheet of radial muscles and rings of circular and meridional muscles.'
  4. 'The first, known as the meridional flow pattern, circulates between the sun's equator and its poles over a period of 17 to 22 years and acts like a conveyor belt of sunspots.'
  5. 'The vigor of Atlantic meridional overturning circulation is thought to be vulnerable to global warming.'
  6. 'This juxtaposition of high-pressure and low-pressure systems in similar latitudes causes much more meridional airflow than is normally experienced in similar latitudes in the southern hemisphere.'


A native or inhabitant of southern Europe, especially the south of France.


    1. of, relating to, or resembling a meridian.

    2. characteristic of the south or of people inhabiting the south, especially of France.

    3. southern; southerly. noun

    4. an inhabitant of the south, especially the south of France.

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    "sell-offs can be meridional."

    "lines can be meridional."

    "towns can be meridional."

    "sharpnesses can be meridional."

    "patterns can be meridional."

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    Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin meridionalis, formed irregularly from Latin meridies ‘midday, south’.