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Goods to be bought and sold.
  1. 'Visitors were under no obligation to buy, prices were often marked, and piece goods of different lines of merchandise were sold.'
  2. 'He was charged with the possession of a large quantity of merchandise protected by registered trademarks, and illegally selling the copyrighted merchandise.'
  3. 'What's a better way to celebrate than by selling some brand new merchandise in the SA Store?'
  4. 'The exchange, based in San Francisco, will initially specialize in buying and selling one type of merchandise: used communications equipment.'
  5. 'In Europe, H&M is more like a department store - selling a range of merchandise from edgy street fashion to casual basics for the whole family.'
  6. 'Sutlers - those merchants authorized to peddle provisions in camp - sold such merchandise as soap, thread, and liquor.'
  7. 'We also do focus groups, telephone surveys, and keep tabs on how our merchandise is selling in the marketplace by looking at the attendance numbers.'
  8. 'The items may have paint defects, scratches, dings - anything that prevents them from being sold as new-in-the-box merchandise.'
  9. '‘The range of merchandise sold in the current shop has improved dramatically and it is now time to extend the services we offer to our customers,’ she said.'
  10. 'The 33-year-old Italian noticed that one of the biggest problems his clients faced was how to sell their leftover merchandise.'
  11. 'the official merchandise for the film'
  12. 'Since most contracts continue through 2002, existing licensees will work on merchandise around the film, which is set to be released next summer.'
  13. 'Mr. Tsuji created a line of character merchandise designed around gift-giving occasions.'
  14. 'Pop group promoters and others who market official merchandise are also likely to welcome the ruling.'
  15. 'For those who think this is not such a bad thing, check out this merchandise, link courtesy of InstaPundit.'
  16. 'I didn't feel the previous merchandise really reflected the character of the club.'
  17. 'Theatr Mwldan will be giving away free film merchandise over the weekend for all those who come through the doors.'
  18. 'You can book tickets to see any films on show at ODEON using any of the links below and look out for some competitions to win film merchandise, exclusive to anyone who books using these links.'
  19. 'Time Warner, fiercely protective of its stake in the Harry Potter phenomenon, has been issuing licences to dozens of manufacturers to produce spin-off merchandise from the film.'
  20. 'The series, so very loosely based on the Eastman and Laird comic book creation, spawned a cornucopia of merchandise, some feature films, and a live action TV show.'
  21. 'Shoppers north of the Border are the least likely in Britain to splash out on expensive film merchandise from hit movies such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.'


Promote the sale of (goods), especially by their presentation in retail outlets.
  1. 'The conversion rates give a measure of the effectiveness of the Web site and/or portions of the Web site for sales, marketing and merchandising.'
  2. 'What I left with was much more: An insight into the critical role CAD technologies are now playing throughout the supply chain - from merchandising to retail display.'
  3. 'The course will cover customer relations, retail sales techniques, retail sales support skills, merchandising and window display, career planning, information technology and job seeking skills.'
  4. 'Advertising and merchandising in most chains is about selling the Thing of the Moment (stretch denim!'
  5. 'It also hopes to generate money from its magazine and a retail presence that would include licensing and merchandising.'
  6. 'Along the way, she seeks advice from her three employees, who have taught her about merchandising, marketing and customer relations.'
  7. 'To broaden mass appeal, the shelf-stable milk, packed in 32-oz. cartons, will be merchandised in refrigerated sections.'
  8. 'The sell-through titles can be merchandised together at retail, giving more impact to the message, Tappin said.'
  9. 'But in the meantime, we'll be looking towards licensing, merchandising, sponsorship, product placement, and other applications to bring us revenues offline.'
  10. 'In the midst of unprecedented change in the way music is marketed and merchandised, the millennial byword is undoubtedly ‘synergy.’'
  11. 'they are merchandising ‘niceness’ to children'
  12. 'The Presbyterian merchant sought to follow ethical principles in all his business affairs and to make merchandising a public service.'
  13. 'People merchandise - television performers merchandise their children.'
  14. 'Ideas merchandised to one of the largest TV audiences of the entire year.'
  15. 'it if be below great men to be kind of recompense, and merchandise their Power'

More definitions

1. the manufactured goods bought and sold in any business.

2. the stock of goods in a store.

3. goods, especially manufactured goods; commodities. verb (used without object), merchandised, merchandising.

4. to carry on trade. verb (used with object), merchandised, merchandising.

5. to buy and sell; deal in; trade.

6. to plan for and promote the sales of.

More examples(as adjective)

"trades can be merchandise."


Late Middle English: from Old French marchandise, from marchand ‘merchant’.