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Relating to the mind.
  1. 'mental phenomena'
  2. 'There is the belief that functional brain scanning can individuate mental pathologies in the living brain.'
  3. 'You have to put your aches and pains in the back of your mind and that takes mental toughness.'
  4. 'Why do you invest even one brain cell of your mental capital on figuring out his motivation?'
  5. 'Are there enough mental health professions to deliver the therapy that is needed?'
  6. 'A Scottish study claims that people's mental faculties were reduced after a lifetime smoking.'
  7. 'Power tools should only be used when your mental and physical faculties are at their best.'
  8. 'Both of these ideas led to and reinforced theories that lack of hair was caused by mental activity or high intelligence.'
  9. 'These simple lifestyle interventions may just help to preserve our mental faculties as we age.'
  10. 'It is good for the mental faculties to start classes early in the morning and finish by afternoon.'
  11. 'No one in full possession of their mental faculties would describe them as dull or generic.'
  12. 'she made a mental note to ring him later'
  13. 'I put the pen back in my box with a mental note to try it again one day when I'm feeling adventurous, and took up a pencil instead.'
  14. 'He rung his hands together and Karla took a mental note that he didn't wear a wedding ring.'
  15. 'I made a mental note at that moment to immediately begin looking for a gift for Josh.'
  16. 'If Wyman seemed less than engaged, he was probably making mental notes for his next diary entry.'
  17. 'This will just encourage them to make physical notes instead of mental ones.'
  18. 'Many of his pieces mimic the effects of nature that we cannot see or simply do not make mental note of.'
  19. 'Weiskopf's mental notes will be more meaningful than anything he scribbles on the scorecard.'
  20. 'I made a mental note to remember to ask him what the proper term for the bird species was.'
  21. 'On this particular Indian summer day, Andy journeyed toward the town and made a mental note of what he would trade for.'
  22. 'Curri-San made a mental note to tell Rei about the compartments next time he saw her.'
Relating to disorders of the mind.
  1. 'A mental disorder only arises when we lose the capacity to differentiate between imagination and reality.'
  2. 'Most patients with a mental disorder have a mixture of depressive and anxiety disorder.'
  3. 'Indeed, psychiatrists do not talk of insanity but prefer to use terms such as mental illness or mental disorder.'
  4. 'It's not a definable mental or physical illness, with causes that can be diagnosed and treated.'
  5. 'Nowadays, music is both applied for patients with mental disorders and healthy people.'
  6. 'Finally let me address prevention of mental illness and promotion of mental health.'
  7. 'Furthermore, the fact that a patient is suffering from a mental disorder cannot of itself mean that he lacks capacity.'
  8. 'Young prisoners had considerably more inpatient treatments for mental disorders than did the controls.'
  9. 'During her time as a patient no treatment for mental disorder or illness was given.'
  10. 'The team also looked at admissions for mental and behavioural disorders caused by controlled drugs.'
  11. 'I think he was a little worried that I might be mental'
  12. 'All the other dogs were going absolutely mental barking and he was sitting there really quietly in his cage.'
  13. 'Is it any wonder that some of them under so much pressure go mental or commit suicide?'
  14. 'This year, we had the additional joys of a barmy dog that hates fireworks - and goes slightly mental when they go off.'
  15. 'They would all see her go mental, and she would slowly but surly lose her popularity.'


1. of or relating to the mind: mental powers; mental suffering.

2. of, relating to, or affected by a disorder of the mind: a mental patient; mental illness.

3. providing care for persons with disordered minds, emotions, etc.: a mental hospital.

4. performed by or existing in the mind: mental arithmetic; a mental note.

5. pertaining to intellectuals or intellectual activity.

6. Informal. slightly daft; out of one's mind; crazy: He's mental. noun

7. Informal. a perso

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"structures can be mental in terms."

"people can be mental in/at/on yesterdays."

"friends can be mental as hens."

"chains can be mental for whiles."

"healths can be mental."

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(mental)Late Middle English: from late Latin mentalis, from Latin mens, ment- ‘mind’.


go mental
chuck a mental