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Worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.
  1. 'It was here I was to experience another memorable and glorious reminder of Cornwall.'
  2. 'This record taught me the importance of backing vocals and how they can change a good song into a memorable one.'
  3. 'Last time, it was an early morning run around Central Park which was a memorable experience.'
  4. 'What should have been an exciting and memorable night, turned out to be a great disappointment.'
  5. 'In fact, the comments in the two letters have spoilt for me what was meant to be a meaningful and memorable day.'
  6. 'Identify colours, images, themes and a name that works for you and is easily memorable.'
  7. 'The glorious weather made it a memorable day with long queues for ice-cream and cold drinks.'
  8. 'This is why if something memorable happens you may remember it years down the line.'
  9. 'Much of their success is owed to the band's unique fashion sense coupled with memorable tunes.'
  10. 'Your hard work and planning means each and everyone one of us had a memorable night.'


1. worth remembering; notable: a memorable speech.

2. easily remembered.

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"sides can be memorable in encounters."

"reunions can be memorable for people."

"results can be memorable as places."

"phrases can be memorable for things."

"matches can be memorable for things."

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Late 15th century: from Latin memorabilis, from memorare ‘bring to mind’, from memor ‘mindful’.