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A large funnel-shaped device for amplifying and directing the voice.
  1. 'There were about a dozen in their group and upon their arrival they began unveiling banners and whipped out the megaphones.'
  2. 'However, the new laws also target a group of protesters that used very loud megaphones which made it difficult for people working in many Commons offices to concentrate.'
  3. 'A authoritative, though not particularly menacing voice was heard, speaking through a megaphone.'
  4. 'They carried on a conversation without aid of telephones, megaphones or any other voice enhancing equipment - just calling out to each other.'
  5. 'They caught Forte in the darkness with their search lights, and a booming voice through a megaphone said, ‘Halt.’'
  6. 'Someone who had acquired a megaphone began instructing.'
  7. 'Through megaphones, voices in broken English blared out at them, urging them to surrender and lay down their arms.'
  8. 'The loud girl with the megaphone had stopped screaming.'
  9. 'In an attempt to break the strike, management used megaphones to instruct the afternoon shift, who were gathered in a car park, to return to work or face immediate dismissal.'
  10. 'Those in the front heard her voice coming around the sides of the megaphone, those in the back heard the amplified version, and the clump in the middle heard echoes.'


Utter through, or as if through, a megaphone.
  1. 'Eight years after his megabook, Hammer is still megaphoning the need for processes.'

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1. a cone-shaped device for magnifying or directing the voice, chiefly used in addressing a large audience out of doors or in calling to someone at a distance.Compare bullhorn. verb (used with or without object), megaphoned, megaphoning.

2. to transmit or speak through or as if through a megaphone.

More examples(as adjective)

"voices can be megaphoned."