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Relating to or denoting prehistoric monuments made of or containing megaliths.
  1. 'These were found here - as commonly in other megalithic monuments in Ireland and Scotland - a number of stones sculptured with a singular and characteristic design in waving and concentric lines.'
  2. 'On our visit to Callanish on Lewis the remarkable collection of almost 50 megalithic standing stones proves to be quite emotional for one passenger, who claims to understand the astral importance of such structures.'
  3. 'During the second excavation campaign, we excavated another megalithic monument in the Knocknarea Peninsula: a court tomb at Primrose Grange, some 2km southwest of Carrowmore.'
  4. 'Added to that the routes would destroy an area of natural beauty as well as pass through areas of historical and archaeological interest, particularly a concentration of Neolithic and Megalithic sites.'
  5. 'By late afternoon a short rest was taken on the site of a Megalithic burial ground, referred to by locals as The Giants Graveyard or The Graves.'
  6. 'The Giant's Grave, a Megalithic tomb which up until now has been almost impossible to find, will add to the tourist attractions of the Slieve Bloom.'
  7. 'This megalithic log cabin is a frontier masterpiece: a massive spa hotel faithfully designed along the lines of the old frontier lodges.'
  8. 'His body lies beneath the vast funerary monument shaped by Jacob Epstein, but not even its megalithic weight can keep the spirit of Oscar Wilde earthbound.'
  9. 'The walls are megalithic, if not in some cases monumental, in form; they are also consistent in construction technique across the site and synchronous in date.'


1. a stone of great size, especially in ancient construction work, as the Cyclopean masonry, or in prehistoric Neolithic remains, as dolmens or menhirs.

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"sites can be megalithic."

"monuments can be megalithic."

"yards can be megalithic."

"remainses can be megalithic."

"features can be megalithic."

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(megalith)Mid 19th century: from mega- ‘large’ + Greek lithos ‘stone’ + -ic.