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The quality or state of being mediocre.
  1. 'Neither realms are renowned for rewarding mediocrity and underachievement.'
  2. 'Is St Lucia doomed forever to be an island synonymous with mediocrity?'
  3. 'He survived on mediocrity, excelling at little but being passable at most things.'
  4. 'But he may well have chosen the wrong ship to board with his undoubtedly quality brand of mediocrity.'
  5. 'We have reduced all and everything to the level of mediocrity so that nothing and no-one stands out or is in any way offended.'
  6. 'Why, too, are most of us afraid to excel, settling instead for mediocrity?'
  7. 'He hated mediocrity and always strived for perfection and excellence.'
  8. 'History teaches that we are not only tolerant of mediocrity - we thrive on it.'
  9. 'He may not be the best actor, but his charm and charisma help him elevate any role above mediocrity.'
  10. 'I'm supposed to be celebrating mediocrity here, but to be honest it's getting a little boring.'
  11. 'a brilliant woman surrounded by mediocrities'
  12. 'We end up with duds, mediocrities and second raters - the kind of people who have wasted such a scandalous amount of public money building the new Scottish parliament.'
  13. 'But that would make him no different than 10,000 other mediocrities in academia in many other fields.'
  14. 'And if the system is only capable of producing failures and mediocrities, with the occasional good bishop slipping through the cracks, then there must be a reform in the system.'
  15. 'How else would so many mediocrities get into high places?'
  16. 'And what sorts of bland mediocrities will end up on the courts?'
  17. 'He shot almost everyone who was intelligent and thereby ensured that the surviving mediocrities would manage to lose an empire within 40 years of his death.'
  18. 'Professional mediocrities waste time, energy and breath.'
  19. 'This is just the scenario the mediocrities were praying for.'
  20. 'And it allows low-performing mediocrities to get promoted over and over and over.'
  21. 'Putting it bluntly, we don't want heroes we can admire; we want mediocrities with whom we can identify.'

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1. the state or quality of being mediocre.

2. mediocre ability or accomplishment.

3. a mediocre person.

More examples(as adjective)

"manies can be mediocrities."