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Fond of meddling; interfering.
  1. 'He also gives the subsidiary characters - a dim married couple and a meddlesome mother-in-law - meaty roles whose farce is grounded in wry truth.'
  2. 'But that's how the government, which seems to get bigger and more meddlesome by the week, set it up.'
  3. 'Social workers are seen as meddlesome and health service managers as hard-hearted.'
  4. 'With a less than brilliant director, ham actors and a meddlesome newcomer, will it ever reach opening night?'
  5. 'It was just another boring city, filled with meddlesome people and merchants who like to drag you to their stands against your wishes, insisting that you buy something outrageously overpriced.'
  6. 'She had to do without the family she had relied on for her entire life: an overbearing, vicious mother, irritating brothers, meddlesome cousins, and so on.'
  7. 'If foreigners find the United States to be too meddlesome, it isn't because of our unmatched military power.'
  8. 'I don't want it to be tricky or messy, and I certainly don't want that meddlesome idiot in the way.'
  9. 'Much of this is due to the government's meddlesome social engineering.'
  10. 'In doing so, they waste money, intimidate doctors, clog up the system and draw in the meddlesome fools in Westminster.'


1. given to meddling; interfering; intrusive.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be meddlesome."

"projectionists can be meddlesome."

"politicians can be meddlesome."

"mortals can be meddlesome."