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Excessively concerned with material possessions; money-oriented.
  1. 'I am not going to paint a broad stroke and say our society is materialistic, is driven by consumer needs or is a slave to marketing.'
  2. 'Sensual and materialistic, they want all the power, comfort and control they can get out of life.'
  3. 'I've never been that materialistic, but I need something, some kind of tool to improve my self-esteem.'


1. excessively concerned with physical comforts or the acquisition of wealth and material possessions, rather than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values.

2. adhering to the philosophy of materialism, a theory that regards matter as constituting the universe and all its phenomena.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be materialistic in/at/on todays."

"children can be materialistic in attitudes."

"worlds can be materialistic."

"views can be materialistic."

"values can be materialistic."

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