Adjective "low" definition and examples

Definitions and examples


Of less than average height from top to bottom or to the top from the ground.
  1. 'a low table'
  2. 'Then we ventured out onto the frozen waters of Calriga Bay, where the ice stretched grey and wrinkled to a horizon of low, wooded islands.'
  3. 'Another, even louder rumble made him move faster so it wasn't long before he came upon a cluster of small, low buildings.'
  4. 'Through the low, open doorway a couple of shabby sheets are splayed across the floor in the tiny bedroom.'
  5. 'The tables were low and a lot of the men had to hunch over to eat.'
  6. 'The gates were low on either side and dipped upwards in the middle, resembling a large overturned bowl.'
  7. 'To provide a summer screen for dustbins, or simply to increase the height of a low fence, plant Jerusalem artichokes.'
  8. 'By the time they moved in the gardens had been turfed and paved, and were framed with low open railings.'
  9. 'It's a constant threat every time I go through a low door in this dress.'
  10. 'Long, low arcades line the river bank, with red lanterns suspended under the eaves.'
  11. 'Their little mining venture was situated on a low ridge, not far from the track through to Queensland.'
  12. 'We are careful not to hit our heads on the low ceilings because we could easily knock off some of the stalactites.'
  13. 'Scrape a little bark off the bottom of a low branch and pin the scraped part to the ground with a rock or tent stake.'
  14. 'The room was quite big, but the ceiling was quite low, about three or four feet above her head.'
  15. 'The march went up high hills and down low valleys, and crossed the great Himalayan rivers.'
  16. 'The driver, who was only on her second day on the route, misjudged the height of the low bridge, causing the accident.'
  17. 'Pruning is done after flowering with stems being taken back to just above a low growth point.'
  18. 'It seemed to take no notice of them and swung onto a low branch above Katrina holding on only by its feet.'
  19. 'The first are in low valleys where lakes did not form and the second, larger ones are higher and the result of rainfall.'
  20. 'At this height, among the Himalayas, the sky looms like a low ceiling and the snow does not have far to fall.'
  21. 'The ceiling is low, and it's a great place to relax and have some privacy.'
  22. 'low back pain'
  23. 'Patients with low back and leg pain are generally in their most productive years.'
  24. 'The rapidly rising numbers of people with low back pain, for example, implies a sociological rather than biological cause.'
  25. 'What can you tell a student or client who already has symptoms of low back pain?'
  26. 'Being in shape and losing excess weight will help you avoid low back pain.'
  27. 'He confirmed that she suffered from low back pain since the 1960s.'
  28. 'It is a commonly held belief that 90% of episodes of low back pain resolve within eight weeks.'
  29. 'I was mildly surprised when she came into the office with low back pain radiating down her left leg.'
  30. 'She noted a long history of low back pain dating back to the bus accident in 1984.'
  31. 'Endurance of back extensor muscles had the highest association with low back pain.'
  32. 'Most patients can get treatment immediately, such as those with headache, tennis elbow or low back pain.'
  33. in combination 'a low-cut black dress'
  34. 'There is only an inch of cloth on each shoulder and the neck is cut very low.'
  35. 'The bodice was subtly ruched and the low neckline showed off her creamy neck and shoulders.'
  36. 'I looked through another rack, and pulled out a sleek black one, with a high neckline and a low back.'
  37. 'The cut of the bodice was tight and extremely low, revealing her ample bosom to all.'
  38. 'On top of her sweatshirt, she wore a dark, low cut vest, revealing her ample bosom.'
  39. 'I made sure that I had plenty of jackets to wear and that none of my shirts were low cut.'
  40. 'With it, she wore a simple purple shirt with a neckline that was not quite low, but by no means modest.'
  41. 'The neckline of the dress is very low, and her brown hair tumbles over her bare shoulders.'
  42. 'Its hallmark was a return to the lines of the Edwardian age, with gathered skirts, low necklines and long flowing dresses.'
  43. 'The neckline was low and open to reveal her collarbone and a little bit of cleavage.'
  44. 'The site must be low in latitude as well, so that solar panels can get the most intense sunlight possible.'
Below average in amount, extent, or intensity.
  1. 'borrowing fell to a low level'
  2. 'There was an increase of 50 percent in the number of children suffering from low weight for their height.'
  3. 'The number of extramarital births, however, remains very low by European standards.'
  4. 'In subtropical or temperate regions, or on tropical mountains low temperatures may limit their growth and survival.'
  5. 'However, the number of fixed-term employees in Australia remains relatively low by some international standards.'
  6. 'Second, low rates continue to boost wealth in the household and corporate sectors.'
  7. 'There was also a low level of disabled staff in the workforce.'
  8. 'Study after study reveals a surprisingly low number of gunsmiths in early America.'
  9. 'The economy was growing strongly, unemployment was coming down, inflation was low, real incomes were rising fast.'
  10. 'One of the main problems we have is the low level of income at which single people become liable at the top tax rate.'
  11. 'Any cursory examination of schools would reveal that the attendance on Carnival week is abysmally low.'
  12. 'the river was low'
  13. 'They're the very months that environmentalists will tell you that the river was traditionally low.'
  14. 'The river is low just now, and the exposed gravel flats made for easy walking.'
  15. 'It is true that we have had a dry winter, and that the reservoirs are low.'
  16. 'The creek was low, no more than a few inches deep for most of its length and the fish were bunched up in the deeper water beneath the bridge.'
  17. 'The reservoirs were low and the supply was being augmented by pumping from the Mints Feet well.'
  18. 'It is, after all, not only when reservoirs are low that we should strive to waste less water.'
  19. 'Fishing with it usually takes place during the drier months from September to December when the river is low.'
  20. 'vegetables are low in calories'
  21. 'And since you're on a fat-loss plan, they should be relatively low in calories.'
  22. 'They're also low in calories and sodium and contain no fat or cholesterol.'
  23. 'You will need a steam iron, a low sodium club soda, and clean white cotton towels.'
  24. 'It can act as a feedstock for a number of organic compounds, and is already used to produce low phosphate detergents and plastics.'
  25. 'Now she focuses more on eating whole foods, with their naturally low sodium content.'
  26. 'They contain protein, healthy fats and fiber, and they're low in carbs.'
  27. 'Fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fat, and they add flavor and variety to your diet.'
  28. 'You need to start eating low fat, low sugar food, exercise and lose about 10 kilos.'
  29. 'Baked beans (especially the low salt and sugar varieties) have a distinct edge I think.'
  30. 'The diet is low in fat which, research shows, is a healthy way to lose weight and keep it off.'
  31. 'food and ammunition were running low'
  32. 'Through the village she was silent, except to say that the women needed seed, for their store was very low.'
  33. 'Their ammunition and other supplies were low, but the job had to be done.'
  34. 'The union knew it; they also knew that the food supply was not as low as advertised.'
  35. 'By 14 February fuel supplies were so low that many industries were on a three-day week.'
  36. 'Given the already low supply, some towns reportedly did not have any plywood left to sell.'
  37. 'Bryan and Laura were chatting while Michelle talked with Nikki about our low supplies.'
  38. 'Following the horrific loss of life and injury in Bali, blood supplies are critically low.'
  39. 'So too did the Georgette, whose coal supplies were dangerously low.'
  40. 'We have no control over increased costs or low supplies, but we do have control over our attitude.'
  41. 'If you get stuck in Nice and are low on funds, Thomas still goes every summer.'
  42. 'It probably helps that it's a squad conspicuously low on superstars.'
  43. 'We were running extremely low on cash yesterday, and I didn't get paid until today.'
  44. 'The netball association is low on funds and finds it difficult even to attend regional competitions.'
  45. 'Dozens of consumer Web sites were already low on cash and losing money fast.'
  46. 'If someone's bucket was low on squid, the folks with good catches poured in a few.'
  47. 'Air people can also bring a smile to anyone's face when they are low on spirits.'
Ranking below other people or things in importance or class.
  1. 'training will be given low priority'
  2. 'The low status of women in contemporary Egypt is therefore no fault of Islam.'
  3. 'In the past, colleges of agriculture placed a low priority on agricultural economics.'
  4. 'One can only assume that for the command, this program is low priority.'
  5. 'Steps are also being taken to address the traditional low status of judges.'
  6. 'These women, although they lived a rich life depending on their beauty, still had a low status in the family.'
  7. 'The children are drawn from low class families mostly children of farm hands.'
  8. 'A further complication is the very low status of woman in many of these societies.'
  9. 'Most people said that Tara was a foolish little girl for playing with such a low class person.'
  10. 'The perception persists among some gay people that their issues are a low priority within the party.'
  11. 'It was either he wasn't too interested in talking or the fact that my status was too low for him.'
  12. 'There are those who insist that low culture will always drive out high culture.'
  13. 'This was a right old mishmash of high art and low culture, sport and theatre.'
  14. 'Last week, the lord and lady of low culture launched their new website.'
  15. 'There is plenty of low art around, and a huge demand for it.'
  16. 'People thought Cleo was low drama, just because it was about a hugely popular comedy form.'
  17. 'When I walked around the Hayward my first thoughts had nothing to do with low art.'
  18. 'These days, the divide between high culture and low culture seems to be disappearing.'
  19. 'So it makes perfect sense to leave the masses to their low culture, and they will likely do the same for you.'
  20. 'Let's face it, most of them came here to escape the low quality of life and the glaring risks.'
  21. 'Evidence for this fact can be found in the terribly low quality of this entry, and my true inability to write anything better.'
  22. 'Then it got onto a low quality US news site, and many more linked to their story.'
  23. 'Apologies for the relatively low quality but it's in order to keep the file size down.'
  24. 'This tends to be of a low quality and over-crowding with families of three or four in one medium-size room is not uncommon.'
  25. 'I think that has contributed to the growth of courses of low quality.'
  26. 'The reasons for the increased use of mobile phones also include the low quality and unreliability of fixed-line services.'
  27. 'By this time he had more men than his pursuers, but they were of low quality because the best troops were kept in European Russia in case of rebellion.'
  28. 'This has led to the low quality of most of this sector's products, and hence its decreased credibility.'
  29. 'We've had a disastrous year in our local lobster fishery, with catches down by half and the catch of low quality.'
  30. 'practise a little low cunning'
  31. 'But in the end he lacked the sagacity or the low cunning to do the one thing necessary.'
  32. 'he had a low opinion of himself'
  33. 'I have a low opinion of myself, I'm angry at life and I'm somebody I don't want to be when I'm on drugs.'
  34. 'I cannot bear the thought of one so compassionate and noble as you having such a low opinion of me.'
  35. 'Another aspect of Germany's malaise, however, is the low opinion the public has of its politicians.'
  36. 'People on the whole have a low opinion of their political representatives.'
  37. 'He wondered why a woman like her was single and had such a low opinion of men.'
  38. 'I think it also possible that he has such a low opinion of her that he is determined that his opinions and views shall prevail over hers.'
  39. 'He had a very low opinion of the capacity of my sex, and had neither knowledge of, nor interest in, science of any kind.'
  40. 'After seeing this film, my admittedly low opinion of both has risen dramatically.'
  41. 'I have a low opinion of pop music lyrics, I just happen to have a near-perfect memory for them.'
  42. 'Today very few scientists hold low opinions of Darwin, either as a person or as a scientist.'
(of a sound or voice) not loud or high.
  1. 'his low, husky voice'
  2. 'I retreated a single small step and suddenly the claws were at my neck again, a low growling in my ear.'
  3. 'Her voice still reached him as she continued to speak to her caller in low tones before hanging up.'
  4. 'White fangs were glistening as you opened your mouth and let out a low growl.'
  5. 'As he approached the living room, low voices began to register on his hearing.'
  6. 'He talked with whoever was at the door in low whispers and then opened the door all the way and in came a girl.'
  7. 'He opens his mouth in response and lets out a low wheeze.'
  8. 'Her voice is wonderfully low and husky, perfect for a night full of regret, anger and crying.'
  9. 'Wind opened his mouth but all that came out was a low groan.'
  10. 'His curly brown hair was short, his eyes were an uninteresting grey, and his voice was low and quiet.'
  11. 'In a low voice she recited a poem that my grandmother used to say.'
Depressed or lacking in energy.
  1. 'As low, dejected and depressed as she'd ever felt, she began to get the morning's activities prepared.'


A low point, level, or figure.
  1. 'The dollar has plunged to an all-time low against the euro.'
  2. 'Spending has been jump-started by a drop in interest rates to 30-year lows as well as by the best monsoon since 1988.'
  3. 'Though consumer price inflation is at record lows, having fallen to an annual rate of 1.5% last month, prices and wages in the state sector are rising much faster.'
  4. 'But as shameful as inaction is, Alberta is expected to set some all time records for a new low.'
  5. 'With esteem levels at a January low, people are particularly vulnerable to be mis-sold miracles.'
  6. 'Last Friday the Bank of Scotland revealed that the number of first-time buyers in Scotland had fallen to a record low.'
  7. 'The dollar reached another new low against the euro, however.'
  8. 'Stocks hit a year low of 36 cents earlier that day.'
  9. 'The index has now jumped 13 points from October's lows to the highest level since December 2000.'
  10. 'Electoral support for the two parties has dropped to all-time lows, with record numbers of people expressing their disgust by voting for Independents or minor parties.'
  11. 'the weatherman talked about highs and lows'
  12. 'This may sometimes be associated with a tropical cyclone or a monsoon low.'
  13. 'At the peak of the La Nina some drought relief can occur when warm moist tropical lows are brought onto the country.'
  14. 'However, another significant factor is the development of highs and lows out in the Atlantic.'
  15. 'In his defence though, he did say that strong winds could cause problems, and that there was a vicious looking low on our doorstep.'
  16. 'Such lows usually form when a strong wind speed maximum riding along the main belt of westerly jet stream winds dives into a deep upper-level trough or dip in the jet.'
  17. 'The powerful winds that accompany tropical cyclones and east coast lows can and do generate huge waves.'
A difficult time in a person's life.
  1. 'His music has helped me through the highs and lows of my life and his rendition of ‘Never let me go’ is something I will never forget.'
  2. 'Whatever your mode of expression, know that you may be an emotional roller coaster racing through highs and lows of a war-charged grief cycle.'
  3. 'They held me while I cried and shared my highs and lows throughout all these years.'
  4. 'We've been through a lot of lows during the last three years and I thought this would be a lovely memory, something that would be with us for ever.'
  5. 'The highs and lows of this person's love life may be difficult for them to handle.'
  6. 'I went through many highs and lows, and this was an escape.'
  7. 'I survived 20 years as an actor, with a few highs and a lot of lows.'
  8. 'It's caused by the male hormone testosterone fluctuating, and highs and lows are perfectly normal at his age.'
  9. 'A recent study showed that lamotrigine not only delays the time to any mood events but is notably effective against the depressive lows of bipolar illness.'
  10. 'As much as any other task an entrepreneur must face, she must deal with these manic highs and depressing lows.'


In or into a low position or state.
  1. 'The two planes came in low from over the horizon, chased by the rising sun.'
  2. 'It was flying very low and momentarily disappeared into a valley.'
  3. 'We lived because someone made holes with a machine gun, though they were shooting low and still more died from the bullets.'
  4. 'If river levels sink too low, barges could be grounded and agriculture thrown into chaos.'
  5. 'They instantly began their workouts again as the sun sank dangerously low on the horizon.'
In a low voice or at a low pitch.


    1. situated, placed, or occurring not far above the ground, floor, or base: a low shelf.

    2. of small extent upward; not high or tall: A low wall surrounds the property.

    3. not far above the horizon, as a planet: The moon was low in the sky.

    4. lying or being below the general level: low ground.

    5. designating or pertaining to regions near sea level, especially near the sea: low countries.

    6. bending or passing far downward; deep: a low bow.

    7. (

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    "prices can be low on dates."

    "shares can be low in trades."

    "prices can be low in/at/on dates."

    "shares can be low on dates."

    "futures can be low in/at/on dates."

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