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The basic monetary unit of Albania, equal to 100 qindarkas.


    A patch of ground used for communal display in the breeding season by the males of certain birds and mammals, especially black grouse.
    1. 'Resident males remain on leks throughout the long arctic days.'
    2. 'Males gather on a communal breeding ground, or lek, to display for females.'


    Take part in a communal display on a lek.
    1. 'Hermits usually form leks and congregate on traditional lekking grounds, where females visit to choose a mate.'
    2. 'If this is so, then a female mating with a lekking male may be avoiding the less healthy males of the population by default.'
    3. 'Such simultaneous sampling may be common in lekking and chorusing species, which have been the subjects of many studies of sexual selection.'

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    1. a traditional place where males assemble during the mating season and engage in competitive displays that attract females. verb (used without object), lekked, lekking.

    2. (of a male) to assemble in a lek and engage in competitive displays.

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    "currencies can be lek."

    "reccveries can be lek."

    "gains can be lek."

    "firms can be lek."

    "weeks can be lek."

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    (lek)Late 19th century: perhaps from Swedish leka ‘to play’.